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DIVINITY by Ekpo, Juliet.E   
  The creative force is linked to all sphere of life,thus everything is connected.The creator stands unique, sublime and sacrosanct above all that is created. Whilst creation depends on the creator, He, does not hence He is the Alpha (ultimate).Since,He, the creator force known to many as God is the Alpha; all knowing;in effect, the cause and effect of everything in creation. It therefore behooves on all that He created to recognize him thus the various global religious sects.
The truth remains on its own and is one.The conscious work of leading humanity to the path of the truth can only be achieved by the truth itself,and many religious adherents have missed the road map to the truth, as a religious person is not an indication of a knowledge of the truth.What or who is the truth?                
   The truth is the only thing in existence that's unchangeable,tangible and eternal thus only He who created is the truth, all others are piecework of man's imagination. The nature of the truth makes it special, outstanding and unique. It's unquestionable nature brings questions and confuses many seekers of the truth  because the search for it in religion is an ignoble task  impossible to achieve because religion alone can not embody all the essence in the truth this is due to its all embracing, and all encompassing nature as the truth is  contained in all life forms.

The truth's nature of being in all of life is what makes it outstanding and unique and often times, those seeking for the truth in religion are most times disappointed because on many instances, religion can't give answers to many of their inner most questions, but the truth has answers to all questions in creation and there's on vacuum in the truth. It's nature fills all of life thus for the purpose of life itself, the truth holds the answers,Questions such as, why are we on earth can be found only in the truth. Many believe we are here to be born, sleep, eat, be educated, earn a living and die; that's ,that life is an unending circle. Is life truly an unending circle? Only the truth has answers to this and many other questions that often asail us all. What's life's purpose? To know the answer all of creation must seek to know and give recognition to the truth, for only the truth can answer the purpose of life as the truth is life in reality.

Divinity is the creative force that creates all that is in creation, but is not created hence its eternal. It's very essence present in all of life's forms thus in everything around us there is a divine element.whether seen or unseen, there is an element of divinity in all of existence, and for this reason all things created need the divine but the divine does not necessarily need it.    
  Seekers of the truth must be conscious through many perils and the darkness that engulfs everything,they must strive, unrelenting to find the truth but not as many believe today in the religious dogmas and traditions that pervade the world. This religious dogmas are from man and man can't know the divine or it's will unless it chooses that it be known.              The conscious seeker of the truth must approach the divine as an individual devoid of prejudice and accept its will thus a true seeker of the truth must lay aside all assumptions and take the will of the truth;  thus the soul of such an individual.

is open to the radiance and the beauty of the uniqueness of the truth, this invariably forces such an individual on its knees in reverence to one though unseen is present in all of creation. This is an unconscious happening to bring that seeker of the truth to the throne of grace as an unconscious soul,seeking it purpose, thus subsequently, bringing such to a state of consciousness of it's purpose, and its link not only with the truth but with all of creation.In the beauty of the unfolding of such a soul in creation, other conscious souls lends a helping hand but above all, the devine itself, the truth or God gives help through helpers in creatinn to awaken such a soul from spiritual slumber to a state of conscious living; herein the journey of such a conscious seeker begins but that seeker will be placed in the midst of unconscious souls to forge ahead in its striving and journey to life; consequently to its creator and what's beyond the unconscious.

All unconscious souls not drawn to a state of consciousness as to the path of the divine will in process be severe from the divine thus from their creator.In creation they were unable to reach consciousness and be linked eternally with divinity.This process is part of the will of the creator and thus is irreversible. The solution, therefore, the path to God is not through religious practice as many on earth believe but through the adherence to the will of the divine one (God)                    Let earth me cease to dwell in illusion for the creator itself has put in place in creation spiritual laws to perfect his will and for those who  throughout existence (not in one earth life)are unable to awaken,thus spiritual laws severe from the creator.Thus for those seeking for the truth within their souls, know that help has been issued into creation to help you out of the darkness. You seek the truth, because your soul seeks to awaken into a conscious state and thou will be helped in the process of your unfolding.

The course of your existence and all that will be placed on your path are aids even the unpleasant ones to help you to become conscious and learn;thus you're a student of creation, all the experiences you pass through are stepping stones to your creator to become conscious.In all as a seeker of the truth, welcome them and trust that the divine essence has put things in place to help you in the path of your striving.Many shall be your trails and perils, but welcome them as they bring refinement to your soul.The journey to the truth as souls though starts as an unconscious soul takes you out of that state of unconsciousness to that of consciousness thus grants you sublime peace and joy. This is the treasure you'll receive at the end of that journey though not easy but made possible as helpers are always on hand to help you in your striving.

Seekers of the truth, tear asunder the blind fold that religion seeks to engulf you with and your follow your soul, for deep within your inner most being lies the answer, the path to your souls journey; wherein your soul longs for answers, seek for the answers from the divine within and life will lay those answers at your feet. The beauty of yourself, your creator and your link with all of creation will then be clear to you and life itself you will find is beautiful and within that very soul of yours, peace will be and thou will know that in the course of existence only the will of the divine prevails. Joy,peace and love is the ultimate goal that the divine hands all souls that come out of the darkness unto the light. The light is that enternaI life (God)  Let all creation know that the divine is sacrosanct.
     writer;     (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


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