'The earth weeps and humanity is thrown into despair.Why?Global Climate change.' < Ekpo,Juliet.E>


Humanity globally is currently experiencing unpresidential climatic upheavals and disasters and many persons on earth today wonder as to the cause of this upheavals.  Many persons as a result of this grope in pain and despair, without solution, but man is the cause of the upheaval that currently assail him, due to his conscious and unconscious activities on earth. This upheavals are not expected to end or reduce until those responsible for it equally change their attitude. The almighty in his infinite mercy created all things for a purpose, so the destruction of any whether consciously or otherwise equally comes with its consequences. Can humanity stand the effect of the climate change? Is climate change real or is it a hoax? If real can humanity afford to ignore it? Only a fool does nothing when faced with the destruction of his home. To ignore climate change shows that man is ignorant.

Climate changes all over the globe stares humanity as a reality that man can not afford to ignore or else he wishes to loss the earth as home for him to inhabit for 'prevention is better than cure.' The disasters that climate changes will cause earth's inhabitants is much greater than those man experienced in wars, as this comes with antecedents, including disease and plagues.

The ozone layer whether humanity wants to accept it or not is being destroyed constantly
 by various  elements emanated by men through various industries all over the world. Whether humanity accepts it or not, it must pay for it, as this depulation brings with it, its consequences not only for this generation but equally for others. In view of this man must of necessity  stop further destruction of the ozone or be ready to face the resultant effects which are devastating.

The continuous oil exploration and mining of natural minerals equally have devastating effect on the core of the earth's surface which equally affects the climate on earth thus if not careful mankind in his quest for wealth and greed for technological advancement will alienate mankind and other species on earth. Is mankind ready to amass wealth at the expense of losing? This is food for thought. Okay, where will man dwell peradventure he loses his original home; earth? Man has ventured to space in search of another place of abode in case the earth is no longer habitable for him as an alternative home. Indeed, Had the Almighty wanted it so he would have placed man there but in his infinite love,mercy and wisdom he did not but rather placed him on the surface of the earth after he made everything conducive for his survival. Today, instead of nurturing and preserving, majority of earth men chose to destroy it unknown to him that the consequence will hit him and his stock.

The reality is that the earth and everything on its surface including the trees, animals, plants, birds etc is a gift to man meant for him to nurture and preserve not destroy. The time for man to take responsibility for his inadequacies over the destruction of the earth and quickly resolve to correct the errors of destroying but seek rather to nurture for in destroying the gift granted him, he exhibits ingratitude thus shows that he's unworthy of it else it will be retrieved from him. Mankind must now brace up from ignorance and make concerted effort to immediately stop the emission of carbons, reduce the exploration of oil and mining of minerals, stop the destruction of forest reserves globally and plant more trees thus bring about more forest reserves,end the production of warheads globally especially chemical warheads. It can be no other way. A word is sufficient unto the wise and the question is,is man wise? Your guess is as good as mine.


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