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GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN:HOW TO PROSPER DURING RECESSION.By Ekpo,Juliet.E. The effect of the current global economic meltdown is biting hard across all spheres of life across the globe thus causing not only economic problems but political and social ones.The world is currently facing economic recession and there seems to be no end to the problem.Yes,there is a problem,but there must also be a reason for the problem,invariably,what is the reason for the economic meltdown that all inhabitants of the earth today suffer?Simply put, mismanagement is what has brought us thus far.This is giving all governments  sleepless nights as governance is now a difficult task to accomplish but the truth remains that it is the global leaders who are responsible for the plight we all face today though they will not want to accept this truth,they are the architects of what we're all experiencing as economic melt down,they are responsible for the suffering of the masses for instead of serving the masses they impoverished them.

The mismanagement of funds in all sectors of human endeavor is the cause of the problem that we all now face, this is as a result of unaccountability and it brings about the untold hardship being experienced on earth currently,from the first world nations like United State of America,Britain,France,China to third world nations like India,Chad and Somalia,we are all experiencing it,both the rich and the poor,all races on earth are all experiencing the melt down but this can be addressed if decisive decision in accountability is done in all political,economical and social sectors all over the world.There is always a solution to every problem,but the question is,who will take the bull by its horn?

Who is ready to do the right thing at the right time?It is imperative and of uttermost importance that those responsible, correct it but first and foremost,they must accept their incompetence at governance and become accountable for their actions in mis-managing public funds.The level at which the economic melt has brought hardship and continues to harm mankind is an indication for the need for accountability. funds were available at a time for certain projects to be done, the projects were not executed but the funds were paid, such funds should be retrieved thus.Today, all the government thinks of is how to collect tax from the people but the people don't benefit from the tax so who benefits? The government officials.The government of the developed nations are not exempted from mismanagement of funds simply because they've developed their various nations in terms of infrastructure,but the masses in those nations still suffer unemployment , lack of shelter, health care and food shortage.
Yes, they are better than their Asian and African counterparts who greedily amass wealth by stealing public funds with impunity,  without regards for their people's welfare thus take them as fools that they can easily trample on and thereby always asking their people to make sacrifices yet never ready themselves to make any sacrifices for their people. It is high time that the leaders of world make sacrifice for the masses after all that is what they promised them. The people of the world especially those who welcomed democracy expected service delivery and accountability thus a better life and not what they are experiencing globally today. This is not what they bargained for and a slap on their faces from the rulers of the world thus the masses suffer as a result of government policies that do not benefit the masses but the political elite. The resultant consequence is violence for when the masses are deprived their due from the ruling class, they will demand that due through violent means and it ought not to be so.

The global politics of the day has thrown humanity into a state of despair and instead of an end to the suffering of the masses, politicians have only succeeded in escalating it with the sole purpose of amassing personal wealth thus breed corruption in the corridors of power. The current economic melt down is due to corruption not only in government but in all social strata. Subsequently,corruption is not a friend of humanity but a mighty enemy that must be done away with completely if mankind truly desires to live on earth in peace. The current global economic melt down is equally fuelled by acts of war thus wars are fought to gain wealth by the political class, it is not to bring gains or a better life to the masses but to keep the political elite in their status quo, despite all these, there is light at the end of the tunnel for governments who take decisive steps as well as for individuals who are prepared to face the challenges and equally surmount them most especially the youths all over the world.

Youths all over the world must now of a necessity decide their future as there is global unemployment as the greatest challenge before them. The government cant employ majority of them so they should become creative and source for their income through creative skills. They must refuse to accept corruption at all level of the society and learn to save and preserve.

The fate of all people rests on the them as they are invariably the architects of their fate. The end does not justify the means, but how you reached that end and the lessons learnt in the process its of uttermost importance as it will either make you to destruction or make you to nobility.

( Ekpo,Juliet.E)


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