"Redemption in the midst of damnation, upliftment in the midst of retrogression. This calls for wisdom on the part of the seeker of the truth, thus wherein lies the path that leads to redemption and what are the prerequisite? Uneasy is the route to redemption for its a path of trials, persecution, despivation and rejection but glorious is the end of these perails thus a worthy path for soul. The path to destruction an easy one that all and sundry love; wanton living, greed, corruption, lust, pride and all vices therein found. These two path every soul encounters on its journey in life and choices must each make on which to take, the easy or the uneasy wherein virtues lies thus gained by souls that travel through its path.Souls are granted freewill to take either of the two but the end result is not the same. Why?Answers at last." (Ekpo,Juliet.E) 

Life's journey does not begin when born and end when dead as many persons believe, for man is more than flesh and blood. He is a spirit\soul thus he must become conscious even though he is soul and its the process of his several journey's on earth that he either becomes a conscious soul or remains in his state of unconsciousness. He is allowed to journey the planes of the earth several times and learn through the lessons of life by the experiences he gains on earth, the lessons learnt in each earth life are imprinted in soul as it must through its studies learn thus man is a student on earth and the experiences he gathers his course of study.

These experiences are geared towards ennobling him as an individual and thus bring him to recognition to who he is, but he is not granted to know his previous identity as many earth lives are granted by the Almighty God as an opportunity to make amends even in errors from previous earth lives though its possible that at a certain point soul be granted to gaze into the past life, but this is to encourage such a soul and to help it in the course of its journey. No one has a right not to allow soul experience as through these experiences previous karmic debts are able to be paid off, if the soul indulges in good works on earth without seeking benefits. These good works must flow from soul naturally as part of its inner being not pruded from such an individual thus humanity benefits from such a soul aside that the soul must flow in purity and good thoughts emanting therein, thus attracting a glow of radiance to such a soul as help from the luminious heights in furthering its journey on earth and beyond the earth.

Souls are therefore allowed all the experiences of life for a purpose but many souls on earth triffle with the opportunity as each earth life is an opportunity ignorantly without realising that its for soul to redeem itself thus become conscious but in order to do so it must in the course of its several  earth lives make the right choices as many of it will be placed at its disposal even with so many other souls that are put there that it may not succeed in its life courses, these are souls of impediments to drag those souls striving for consciousness away from the path thus souls who seek redemption must be highly perceptive in order to be able to distinguish and keep such souls at arms length away so that they are not dragged away from their goal. Again, are souls who equally are going to be placed as guides and helpers thus put there as tools of encouragement to encourage the soul in the courses of life, the soul must equally be able to perceive and recognise these ones and welcome them that they may get the necessary tools needed from these ones though often times spiritual guides are given in the dream state to help and guide souls and so even the dream state is an experience for souls and they ought to be mindful of the experiences therein too and not wave it away but note the dream state and their physical experiences and try to understand the symbols and signals from the dream state to aid them on earth as these are equally tools to aid souls on earth thus are not to be triffled with as to do endangers the soul. The persons placed on souls paths are either placed there as stepping ladders to the luminous heights or for a downward journey to damnation as the earth plane is the only place of manifest wherein souls are granted to take a body as individuals and exist.

They are thus not only flesh and blood but souls in creation. It must equally be noted that even the animals are souls, thus man must be mindful on the way they're treated as within them is the creative force though not from the same realm. Every good or evil thought will be accounted for and  same is true of words and deeds. Therefore, triffle not with the words that issue from your lips as words are forms and thus when spoken takes form, as in all that emanates from souls take a form either of good or evil but clings to the originator of the thoughts, words or deeds as the case may be.This calls for wisdom on the part of all earth dwellers. Souls are  either from the nether regions or from on high,but only on earth do they inter mingle and relate. What must be noted however is that most of the souls on earth are from the nether regions and not from the luminous heights thus are here to drag those of the higher realms to their own and this calls for great carefulness on the part of those who emanate from on high.

They must be very mindful of such souls from the nether regions as they are on earth on a mission unto destruction. Souls destined for redemption are thus demonished to be mindful of thoughts, words, and deeds towards fellow humans, animals and even plants. Thus in thoughts, purity and goodness must flow therein, in words, good words of edification, and in action, love, care, kindness, patience and understanding else not redemption but perdition awaits such a soul. Do not in the course of your existence toy with the lessons life places before you as they are your threshold either to redeem your soul eternally or to send it to destruction for eternity. The decision is each individual's to make through choices thus the importance of choices as through them, you either make it as soul unto the clouds of redemption or to the shores of eternal doom. What is your choice? Please note the importance and be mindful, you'll be glad you did. Take the wise man's stand on this one.(Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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