"The people decide, but do they actually know what they want from life, thus they are the ones who give the mandate to their rulers to rule but what do the people really want from those they give mandate."  (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


 Democracy; The mandate of the people unto their leaders as they are the ones who give the mandate of rulership to rule without them the rulers cannot rule hence its only in democracy that the people are given the opportunity to choose those to rule them thus it's the choice of the people in governance, without the people giving their approval, the government of the day can't rule as in democracy, the government of nations are chosen by the people as in other forms of governance where the government is forced upon the people like the military rule and theocracy which does not seek the people's approval for rulership to take place or for rulers to be elected.

There are many nations who have today embraced democracy as a form of governance to enable the people take the decision on who is to rule them and who is not, Many nations equally have decided not to embrace it and so see it as a corrupt system. The question is, is democracy a corrupt way of governance? A critical look at democracy in nations where it is practiced against those where it is not.Many are the benefits of democracy as those people or nations especially in America and Europe who have practiced it over the years are relatively more developed thus technologically more advanced than those who are not practicing it on earth. A nation like American and Britain have practiced it for over a hundred years, and the benefits are immense in those nations though many African countries who have tried to practice it are not matured enough for it, hence, they are unable to give the people the benefits from practicing it. Many of the African political class are highly corrupt persons on earth thus are not responsible.

enough for its practice. They instead of delivering service to the people they rather render dis-service and by so doing enslave instead of liberate them. They are therefore tools in the hands of evil. The African leaders as far as democracy is concerned are selfish ones and the politicians amass the people's resources for their individual use to enrich themselves thus they steal the people's monies to use personally at the detriment and loss of the people who then have to suffer in pannier in their hands as monies meant for projects for the people is diverted thus the projects are not executed and this in turn leads to the people suffering because when the people are not allowed to have the necessary amenities, its not the politicians who suffer, but the people who voted them into power.

Many Asians countries however do not practice democracy as other continents and only a few of them are accepting democracy as they see it as a corrupt form of governance thus they rather practice Aristocracy thus they are ruled by those who are of royalty and power is handed down from one Aristocrat to another, so its a family affair wherein the people are not involved in the choice of their leaders but its rather imposed on them whether they like it or not, they must accept and welcome whoever is placed there as their ruler and his word is final, thus much power is vested on an individual person who oversee's all the things concerning the people and whatever he gives them must be accepted without questions thus should the Aristocratic decide not to develop such a nation that nation stays that way.

The government is less expensive as against democracy as in all honesty democracy whether parliamentary,presidential, authoritarian and any other type is a very  expensive form of governance as  Africans are now discovering, that most of the revenue of those nations goes into the pockets of the politicians.

Democracy is a  government through the choice of the people meant to be geared towards the gain of such persons, hence the government in democratic governance are to put things in place for the benefit of the people but this is not the true situation as democracy as practiced today by earth dwellers in reality is geared towards the benefits of the politicians thus a few elite in the society. Democracy is a capitalist oriented government hence those who are fathers of democracy only use it as a tool to further profit themselves thus it's an advanced form of business venture meant for profit consequently, the believe of the masses in thinking that democracy is for their benefit is a lie put in place by the elites to further put their subject in subjugation thus it's a form or an improved  feudal system of governance and the goal though the elites claim to be for the people thus people oriented is part of the deceit of the system of the world still put in place by the tools of darkness to perpetrate its evil.

further so its not a surprise that many of the people are liars, greedy, corrupt, people of reprobate minds and highly wicked individuals for politics in reality is a game play for the wicked and the field of play this wicked world that all earth dwellers now dwell.(Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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