Drummers at the background, sounding the beats of battle. The dancers prepared to dance,but this is not a dance of life but that of death and devastation. Why? DRUMS OF WAR gives the answers.

DRUMS OF WAR by Ekpo,Juliet . E   Ernest Hemingway during his sojourn on earth thought it wise  to warn humanity in one of his literal piece, A Farewell To Arms. He hoped through that work to enlighten on the evils of war, but man glories in power, and some man believe the only path to actualizing power is through war. Is it a fact that power is achieved through wars? Many will say yes, but is the price to that power worth the salt? Many will again say yes, that the end result is what matters, how its achieved is inconsequential.          Drums of war assails humanity once again, and the drummers are elated by them but though excited as drummers of battle,are they are thereby agents of darkness or God as the case maybe for when a people refuse to change from evil ways according to the Holy writ, they are forced to experience untold hardship including wars. This shows that things don't just happen on earth, there are reasons why such things take place.

Mankind has faced two major world wars and is in the brink of another one; the signs are clearly in the air as there's a cold war going on between the two major super powers on earth. Aside the war in Syria taking place and a cause of pain around not only its inhabitants but its neighbours and the rest of mankind. A major impending world war is around the corner if care is not taken. The proliferation of arms, including nuclear and chemical weapons has greatly escalated over the years and there's no control again over the manufacture of war heads from different nations. This poses great danger to the peaceful co-existence of all earth dwellers as the more mankind manufactures these weapons, the greater the dangers of war drums being sounded across lands. Man's development technologically has equally give risen to endangering him existing in harmony with his neighbours as technological advancement has equally reached the corridors of the weapons of mass destruction in view of this can this be called advancement ?

Is humanity going to war with itself development and advancement? Can acts of war be regarded as advancement in the light of the damage it brings? A critical look at the history of mankind over the years speaks volume as concern the answer to this. Whether civil or world wars,the effects on humanity is devastating as not only are there human loses but properties are equally loss in the process of the wars.  Disease and plagues accompany the loss of human lives. The resultant effect of war is not only the loss of human lives but it comes with other disasters of high magnitude such that humanity eventually will in the process become extinct thus man will eventually be the one responsible for his own extinction on earth,and not only of himself but in the process will equally bring about the extinction of other species in life. Thus unlike the believe by many that the extinction of mankind will be by aliens, the truth is that man is the one that man is the one that will be the cause of his extinction.

Drums of war seeks to underline the problems of global war, and to see if there's a way out of the impending down trend man is about to bring upon himself and other created beings on earth. Is there a way out for the drums of war to stop? Who are the drummers of the drums of war and what's their aim? Do war benefit the large majority of persons on earth or just a few? The fact remains that the drummers of war are the only ones who truly benefit from the drums they beat as the rest of humanity is thrown into  perpetual despair, pain and confusion as a result of their drum beat, but this can be stopped before it escalates to full war. Drums of war are not the actual war songs but the call to battle from all sides of the opposing force.

The drums of war is aimed at the drummers as well as the whole of mankind to take cognizance of the fact that drumming towards the actualization of war is of no greater good as many are apt to believe but instead of bringing goodness brings with it retrogression,hate,segregation and slavery for in the reels of war is slavery of humans on earth as the conquering force uses war to subject and enslave others to do their biding not minding the pains that the others are likely to face.                    This cause for a critical overview from the whole of humanity and the light of understanding that all hands be put on deck to make sure that the drummers of war and the beating of war drums stop forth with as anything that thrives on bringing retrogression and separation is of a selfish purpose not for the gain of the majority but that through it a few greedy individuals thereby benefits either through the production and sells of weapon of mass destruction or thereby forcefully take control of power and subjects.

the majority of people to untold hardship. To be forewarned is to be fore armed, a stitch in  saves nine and the question is, who will stop the war drums thereby put an abrupt end to the actualization of the warn itself?It is the masses themselves who must quickly raise to the challenge and refuse to allow the drummers of war drums to beat such drums in the first instance in order not to allow dictators and oppressors take over the rulership and completely thereby putting an end to humanity living in pain,hunger,deprivation,sickness,untimely death and untold hardship.The time is now, as tomorrow maybe too late as already the drummers of war are already geared up to beat the drums of battle and they must be stopped.

( Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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