"Turning and turning the earth revolves. Many doubts in the minds of its dwellers, disasters, calamities, plagues, wars and sorrow.What's happening to the earth and it's dwellers?Find not now before its too late, and the statement you'll make is "Had l known? Know the truth and be salvaged."(Ekpo,Juliet.E)  
        Many on earth are of the opinion that one day the world in which we dwell in today will in one day come to an end, while others disagree that the world has no end thus its unending.What is actually the truth about the controversies on this topic?The controversies stems from different angles as to the veracity of the topic since time immemorial. Many persons are of the premise that its a fact without equivocation that the world in which we dwell will cease to be one faithful day and many refer to the present generation has the one in which this will manifest,many persons refer to it as the age of apocalypse and there pointers to these.

as many especially theological scholars say there are proofs to these being a fact.Scientist today equally claim to have proof that the earth is slowly disintegrating yet there are still many persons who have refused to acknowledge this fact and they are of the view that the world can never end.What then are the facts? Is the world in which we dwell in really coming to an end and will it actually end? According to the Holy Writ,in the book of Revelation equally gives us a clear indication that the world will cease to be but not in the manner many persons understand. The greatest prophet who walked the earth Yeshiva equally gave guidelines not to all, but to those close to him insight about the end of an age thus an epoch of events heralding the end of that age.He clearly  gave insight of the impending doom but equally  encouragement that there's no need for anxiety and confusion as many will be thrown into a state of perplexity as never before found on earth.This are guidelines for those he called his beloved.

This is a prophetic guardian, whose job is to bring to light the truth in creation.He however wrote no works, so no document can be traced to him, rather, those who were privileged to be close to him, learnt the lesson of life from him, and this they saw fit to give to others through works they wrote. In the Holy Writ Matthew 24:1-end clearly states the road map to the end of this age to introduce another age into existence but man is oblivious of the extent and the magnitude of this happening in creation thus ignorance pervades the topic thus giving room for confusion and man's nature is that, what he can't understand or fathom, invariably, is non-existent, but this is a fallacy, as the truth remains even from the scientific point of view that there are drastic changes going on with in the surface of the earth including climate change.This invariably indicates that all is not well as many will like to comfort themselves with the illusory posture of it not being a fact but whether humanity acknowledges it.

or not the earth is definitely going through changes, consequently the current change in global climate, this is in line with the end of an old age in order to usher in a new one. The  importance of all that is happening global can't be under estimated by any serious minded person as it affects all and sundry.It is for this reason that its worthy of note to first identify why this drastic changes are taking place and why this generation is the one experiencing it. The earth's surface is 70% water and only 30% land thus the earth is predominately water, in view of this there is not much of land but even the land surface\crust is unique as there is much heat under the crust and there is equally water to give a cooling effect thus balance to the earth's structure but due to the activities of man on earth through mining, much exploration and activities of industries, especially the ones related to the production of weapons that balance is no longer in place,thereby giving rise to earth trumours globally.

has the attitude of the majority of earth dwellers towards the preservation of other species including animals and plants is also a contributory factor to the end of the age, as attitudes are forms towards a gift bestowed on mankind, for the earth and all that's on it is a gift of the Almighty creator in his infinite love to ensure that mankind dwells in comfort, but this comfort is no longer possible when the earth's surface and other gifts including the sun is being destroyed. The destroyers of these gifts invariably suffer for not taking adequate care of the gift bestowed freely unto them by their creator,hence the disintegration that has set in and the drastic changes we are all now experiencing globally.The spiritual cause of the end of the world is equally worthy of note as all activities combine for the peaceful habitation of earth dwellers. In line with this the manner in which earth dwellers dwell is equally important as their lifestyle equally affects the existence of mankind.

Whether mankind believes,acknowledges or accepts the creator, he is and will ever be and equally has his ways thus he is the cause and effect of all things visible and invisible and in accordance with his nature and will, those who destroy his creation in whatever manner suffer the consequences as unworthy servants of the gifts he bestowed to them.It is therefore unwise to ignore his wise counsel to man to care and nurture and take to is own whims and caprices of the wanton destruction of the earth and other creatures in a bid to survive at all cost. Mankind in commuting sinful acts on earth equally contributes to this doom upon all thus its of great import that mankind take a drastic U-turn immediately in all his ways even in thoughts perhaps it will stem the current doom not only upon himself but upon other species and the earth itself. Can and will humanity do this? Your guess is as good as mine. (Ekpo,Juliet.E) 

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