"Life's journey unending, where does it take all souls? It's not the souls decision but one beyond the realms of souls reach determines it. All of lifes struggles are determined by one being.Who is he?"


Time for the truth, as this truth brings to your doorsteps the true purpose of your existence, don't waste your time on earth with unproductive ventures but rather productive ones as you are more than flesh and blood. You are all souls or as some will put it spirits.Man know thyself and thou shall know all things"
For until a man truly identify's his spirit thus, his true nature and then other spiritual things, he is ignorant, no matter his social status, education or wealth. He is yet to be truly knowledgeable and is therefore not wise. Once, he becomes conscious as to his true nature, he will immediately recognise his creator and in reverence serve and worship him thus become one of the enlightened ones in existence.

He no longer lives in darkness as a great light from the truth engulfs his spirit thus his spirit glows and consequently purity is granted him but not all souls are granted this sublime opportunity as this is equally at the prerogative of the Almighty God. He choose who is to serve and worship him as the truth for in truth these ones have a link thus a covenant with him as souls,  even if these souls had gone astray, in his infinite mercy as the creator in the course of their numerous existence. He will draw them like a magnet to himself, this is a natural process as those who earnestly seek the truth may think it's a coincidence but it is not, Its a divine work in the hands of the Almighty. they are not responsible for this work in creation, but the unseen force of the creator of all things is, as its in line with his will for he seeks to make them conscious souls not only of themselves but of him and consequently, they know his will, from there, he, it is who is equally responsible.

for their ability or inability to do his will thus either fulfill their destiny with him or not. Therefore, all workings in existence are controlled by him. Many are not conscious of this working in creation that the Almighty God is the cause and effect of everything thus, he is the controller of all things. To those who rule the earth with satan, invariably, the prince of the air, they are of the view that they are the ones in control but its also because they are ignorant souls that they equally think in that light. The truth is that they are work with the prince of the air because their destiny is equally linked to him as all the activites they'll indulge in on earth will be in line with evil as their souls rather than glow with the rays of radiance from God will be dark, equally good thoughts cant emanate from them since they are tools of darkness thus workers of iniquity not to glorify God but to exalt Satan, consequently, their goal is on gross material things, that's the things of the world.

On the other hand those whom the creator has chosen will in the same vain equally not be involved in the gross material but in the things of the Holy Spirit, it must be noted that their's is of the Holy Spirit because all activities are spiritual but one of the truth and light while the other is of falsehood and darkness. All souls in accordance with the destiny preordained by the Creator must follow this spiritual course either to found worthy of him or rejected by him but man must realise that the course of his life and existence is not dictated by himself\herself but by the Almighty thus its either as a human being you're a glorious heir or a servant of Doom. Which one are you? If you're a glorious heir, don't be proud and raise your shoulders high that its you who merited it, no, rather be glad that the Almighty found you worthy and praise him,its not by merit but by his love and mercy that he choose you as his thus none knows his ways but he alone.

In the same vain those whom he has found unworthy of himself should not loss heart but strive harder to know him and seek to do his will in order than he change their destiny for he alone is able to change every souls destiny no matter how far gone the soul must have left his path thus the creator is equally a destiny changer. Do not therefore allow any one on earth deceive you that they are able to change your destiny, for none than he who created you and assigned that destiny alone is able to do so, thus go to him and you don't need any intercessor for you must approach your creator as soul and seek his mercy upon you, turn all your energies towards this and in his love, his countenance he will point in your direction, thereby, his favour he'll grant you else you're automatically a slave damned in existence. A word is sufficient for one who is wise.Are you a wise or foolish soul? Where you'll be eternally will prove it.(Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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