'The path of life is lonely and thorny and many seek friends from a tender age. The dreams and ambitions many posit is better achieved with a company but this is only possible if such a companion is one that you're compatible with' (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


Many persons on earth seek or crave for a life partner, while there are some who are indifferent to it, getting a good life partner is one of the most difficult task on earth to achieve and this why the divorce rate is on the increase globally because many persons discover that there is no harmonious relationship between each other only after the wedding ceremony thus the marriage instead of being that of bliss, joy and harmony is hell on earth for many, as the life partner they thought to be the right and perfect match is not up to their expectation thus disappointment and disillusionment sets in with time as both persons discover that they are not compatible with each other. This is because before any union must function amicably, there must be compatibility thus the two persons involved must be able to relate, love and understand each other.

Many souls on earth are struggling in their marriages yet the center is unable to hold due to the fact that they before tying the knot did not do proper courting and under study of their would be life partner, they thereose plunge into something without a proper understanding only for them to live in discontentment, some pretend in the union and seek solace outside the home thus infidelity becomes the order of the day but this is not what  marriage is suppose to be for the ideal marriage is made in heaven thus marriage is meant to be a blissful union between two souls who truly love and understand each other. It is on this note that one must take a critical study one desires to settle down with as a life partner least you end up living in regrets regarding your choice.

Its important to follow certain steps in order to choose a good life partner, the most important being that of communication and its not the time for day dreams and fantasy, be very realistic as marriage is real and is not all sweetness all the time, there are bitter moments in marriage and that must be noted, this is because its a school on earth that none ever graduates from as the reality is that there is on perfect individual on earth and we all have our short comings in life thus you must forget the fictitious fairy love tales in books and movies.Many give certain standard the person must meet, some on outward beauty or being handsome,this is not really relevant, what is of import is the person's nature, character and personality and of course let the person be hard working and patient.

The choice of the kind of person you want should be based on personality and nature of the person not on out-ward appearance of being beautiful or handsome but he the person is then its a plus but seek inner beauty of a person; get to know the person one-on-one even if you started out on social media, let there be an opportunity you meet the person, and at the person's best and worst mood.Get to know the person's likes and dislikes personally, don't take anything for granted. Get to know the persons dreams, aspiration, ambition and plans for the future. Study the one you want to settle down with for a while and it must be noted that your sexual attraction should equally be taken into consideration. See the person when the person is ugly and unkept and when properly dressed.

Get to know the person's sexual needs and yours and if both agree because many marriages today are suffering because of sexual dis-satisfaction. Discuss at length with each other and observe the flow between both of you, whether you agree on issues. Disagree a times to see the reaction of the other person, and how long it takes both of you to resolve your differences and whether you can both do so amicably. Spend quality time together on things you both love as individuals, let the person meet your buddies and you her girlfriends and see how it plays along. Play games together both in-doors and out-doors. Invariably, see how both of you relate,remember you're different personalities who want to unite as a unit, this is usually not an easy task as it called the period of courtship. During this period and don't trifle with it, equally get to know the kind of dressings, life style of your partner to be, don't dictate or frown at your would be partner's choice of clothes or good or likes but rather incorporate your ideas.
into theirs to give a rich blend of both of you thus go shopping together, for food, clothes including perfumes and cosmetics. Look into the eyes of your would be partner always to read the truth from their heart as the eyes are messengers of the inherent thoughts of us all and the eyes don't lie. Seek answers from the eyes and body language as to whether your would be partner truly loves you or not and if you're in doubt, please don't settle down with the person. Love is blind, many persons affirm but love sees, but it sees through the eyes of soul. The eyes of soul speaks clearly if only you'll listen as when you love someone and the person equally loves you in the same manner, the two soul will connect at all levels, you'll communicate not only with your soul, but with your eyes and the whole of your body thus there's a homogeneity between each other, both of you will agree in almost everything including your intimate moments during love making.

You will equally be communicating the language of love through the body and you'll have pleasure. In searching for a good partner seek the help of the creator through prayers by whatever means is comfortable for you as an individual, even if the would be partner is through recommendation either from parent or friends, seek spiritual guidance as all souls are open to the creator, and he's all knowing. Take quality time to know your would be partner very well, sometimes with surprise visit to their home, office and functions. The bottom line is don't rush to settle down with a stranger, be familiar with the one you want to settle down with, remember that marriage is a life time commitment thus a huge step in ones life. Know your spouse family, friends and colleagues if they are working, get to know the line of things your spouse is involved in and if possible be part of it.

Watch for reactions when you chip in your suggestions during decision making and don't ignore it if your suggestion are not given consideration. Find out if your spouse respects your feeling, opinions, ideas and suggestions. Get to know if the person is demanding in anyway and if the person has ever been involved in violence of any nature or any crime at that. Domestic violence is not what you're bargaining for in a life partner, so do your homework well before you finally settle down with that person. Observe the persons reaction to the less previledge in the society whether the person is nice and kind hearted. Many can pretend but if you spend quality time with the person, you'll know the truth. Someone who is not nice to the poor in the society, will not be nice to you in the home, so please take a run for it, if while in-doors alone the person is nice but treats the less priviledge in the society with desdain, that's not a good partner.

Perseverance you must equally seek in your would be life partner as marriage calls for it from both parties. Seek a woman of virtue and a man of valor and honor to settle down as your going to be always with her/him and the union of marriage is a sacred one not to be trifled with by both parties. The virtuous woman is one that has dignity equally a man of valor will do same, but its not an our ward virtue or valor and honor, its an intrinsic part of some women/men on earth though not all are endowed with it. If they both have this qualities they will bring up their children in like manner thus their off-spring will be good citizens who live by God's standard and will. Again seek a woman/man who is industrious and has wisdom, and knowledge that this traits may equally be in your future off-springs as when you eventually do settle down your off-springs will be a combination of your genre and  that of your life partner. The ones that the kids do not inherit will be inculcated by both of you.

Finally seek a woman/man of humor and laughter as this is a great assert to every relationship.A stitch in time saves nine. Take the right steps towards your choice of a life partner and your marriage will be that made in heaven invariably one of peace and harmony.(Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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