"Many persons globally are of the view that they are educated because a piece of paper in form of a certificate states so, but the manner and lifestyle they have prove otherwise for their character proves them to be educated fools" (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


 Education is often considered to be the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. It is the process of impacting or acquiring general knowledge, thereby developing the powers of learning, consequently that of reasoning and good judgement. It is equally aimed at preparing one for maturity and the challenges associated with it. It is geared towards the development of the activities of the mind.

Education seeks to process the developmental thinking process and behaviors of individuals in the society to conform to societal norms and values but is this truly beneficial to the individual or the society. The individual is not the focal point here but what benefits the larger society thus all educational policies are geared in that direction thus its the society who dictates and the individual is not taken into consideration. This is decided by a selected few individuals who are of the elite class and often do not consider what benefits others aside themselves consequently, use these ways to further enslave people under them. Education can be beneficial if its not aimed at controlling the human mind but incorporated into the natural abilities of humans without the desire to control the other person in the process for all humans have a right to their free will and space and the way educational practitioners seek to engage in it, does not give room for that as its compulsory globally to be schooled.

Many persons believe that education commences from the institution of learning but this is not a fact.
This is ignorance on the part of such persons because all of life's experiences is a learning process thus from the womb, the child starts to learn hence even while growing in the womb.

a baby can be taught music, numbers, letters and many other things before its born this goes to prove that the learning process of all humans begins in the womb. Education does not start from the learning institution but from the womb to the home wherein the child is born and this is of great importance because its the home that molds the character and personality of the child thus the importance of the home can not be over emphasized as most of the learning processing of many human beings is done in the home especially the moral education where the home is unable to do for a child the society suffers as the youths will have no moral values in life. Moral values cant be taught in schools as its an intrinsic part of the home and then it's adviceable that parents home school their kids properly even before they start formal education.

It is wrong for any person whether individual or corporate to want to control the mind of another as this is against the spiritual laws of the Almighty God thus even for parents the are to guide their children in life but at the same time respect their free will and choice because all humans are soul thus are free to make choices even in their educational pursuits and career. It is therefore wrong for parents to choose careers for their kids under the guise of love, the truth is if you truly love your children, you will respect them when they choose and only suggest with the aim of guiding them. Many parents especially in Africa even the educated ones are guilty of these. Its an act of selfishness as you are not ready to allow the child make certain decisions and you respect the child, it shows that these persons are spiritually immature souls who fail to understand that children are gifts bestowed to them and they dont own the child as a property acquired on earth that they can do as they please with it.

Education if properly harness has great benefits to bestow on mankind but there's a fault in the global educational system due to the fact that it seeks to control the mind aside that its not a bad venture this is because souls have been granted the free will on purpose by the Almighty God thus in wanting to control the mind of souls, the authority in the world fight the one who created them. The true education of all souls must be done without the desire to control the mind but the guide the mind to harness its hidden talent for all souls are granted certain talents on their journeys of life but they must discover it within the recess of their souls. The one who teaches souls through this talent is the Holy Spirit as he is the greatest teacher and his students can not fail for he not only teaches them but guides them rightly through various choices and links them success with the talent. Man is failing and not achieving success, peace and contentment because man seeks to do the work on souls that's not his hence.

can't succeed as the rudiments of the education of souls are beyond his intellectual concept thus souls instead of benefiting physically and spiritually are going to be disappointed and though think they've achieved much will eventually discover that they are educated fools in existence thus of many things that are truly needed including fulfilling their destines for unless you have used the various talent granted you in his infinite mercy as soul, you are yet to find your feet in creation hence discover who you are, thereby becoming knowing and truly knowledgeable thus invariably an enlighten soul. Therefore, even if you think you are educated add to it the knowledge from the greatest teacher else you'll be doing your self great dis-service and at the end of your journey on earth you will say'had l known' when you discover that you are only an educated fool because you are not truly knowledgeable about the things relating to your eternal existence. Take a wise and bold step and become an educated wise person.


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