The reality of the attainment of peace many view as a mirage, is this a fact? Find out in this unique work and you will truly be glad that you did (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


Peace is abstract in nature and as a result many persons believe it a myth thus just a figment of the imagination therefore unattainable. Is peace a myth or can it prevail given the present situation faced by many on earth. The idea of peace is in conceivable by many earth dwellers as the day unfolds because they seek for it where its impossible to find thus causing many to conclude that is its impossible to attain peace consequently they believe that peace is a myth. conceived to make one feel a false sense of well being. The truth however prevails that peace is real and is attainable but this is only possible if its sought in the right place and not where many go to seek it.

Many seek it in their families, job, money, gross material element, pleasure, and even in war for there are many persons who believe that peace can only be attained through acts of war but is this assertion true taking man's history into cognizance man's history,it most be noted that from time immemorial its on record that man through wars has instead of gaining peace thrown himself into greater sphere of despair, pain, and suffering and instead of harmonious living on earth has rather become a sojourner and stranger on earth. Many persons on earth believe that in having and belonging to a family they will thereby gain peace only to discover that they are far from it for even in their various families,they are faced with uncertainties thus confusion and pain is the stock in trade of many earth dwellers thus many of them live like machines remote controlled even in the choices they make all in the hope of gaining peace. but this is not an indication that peace is a myth, far from it,the fact remains that its real.

Despite the fact that peace is real and one is unable to behold it with the eye, man is unable to attain it and there is a reason for this.This is because the eye cant see peace, it can only be perceived within the dept of man's heart, it's a sense of deep tranquility and harmony within the soul without understanding its source even in times of danger and life's storms. Man ignorantly seeks for peace where it can not be found; from the gross material like money, food, fashion but can this things bring them peace? The answer to this and many more comes in other works of mine.The myth believe by many persons is as a result of the inability of mankind to attain it but it can be attained through searching for it from its right source for man follows the shadow of the real as the gross material is only a shadow of the real in life, it's not real and that is why today on earth, man has been unable to achieve peace thus mankind grope in darkness seeking,longing yet unable to have it. The darkness is as a result of ignorance.

Ignorance is the bane of all man's problems on earth as one cant have something unless its source is known. Why has man individually and collectively been unable to attain peace?
Nothing of gross material or from man can give man peace thus man is already fighting a lost battle as he will not achieve the desired goal since where he seeks peace is not where it can be found on earth there fore the result of his search is disappointment because for him to achieve what he desires he must go to its custodian and apparently he's oblivious of who or what it is as his search continues to take him further and further away from it thereby confusing him more and more. Man will continue to live in illusion as he is not ready to face the truth set before that he man does to hold the key to the attainment of peace and stop to seek in himself or the things that emanate from him.

Everything of the gross material emanates from man thus its his creation but as earlier mentioned man does not have the answer to peace and what comes from man is unreal thus to get the real one must go to its holder, everything that comes from man is an illusion of his survival as to truly survive is to have peace and where there is no peace them there is no life in the real sense of word and where there is no peace, there is equally an absence of joy and love, therefore it is pertinent that all who want to truly live in love and joy seek peace but where must it be sought certainly not from man, why? Take a critical look around you and the larger society and you will if honest with yourself find the answers. Therefore, be encouraged to seek peace as its real and truly live but equally know where to seek for it. Wisdom takes one on the right choices and in making wrong choices man has today found himself where he is today, pain, war, confusion, poverty, disaster, disease,  hunger, deprivation is all that man can offer.

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