Hopelessness prevails in all nations, a song across nations. Who will hear the songs and bring back the people's hope.  (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


Nations across the earth are grabbing with great problems including population growth, hunger and deprivation. The world is having great problems economically, politically and socially, never before has the songs of many nations become that of violence, hatred, confusion and global recession. The overall situation clearly points to the fact that many inhabitants on earth are not happy with the situation they are currently faced with, this is true of both young and old, male and female, black and white, thus majority of earth dwellers are living in a state of oblivion. This clearly shows that uncertainty is the order of the day and this is likely to cause tension in many nations thus many are over stressed and this leads to health issues as there is an increase in many illness on earth due to the prevailing situation globally. Many persons now have to contend with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and sexually transmitted diseases.

Many nations are now having to contend with other disease like Lassa fever, Zika virus, Ebola and others, these and many other illness are spreading across many boundaries thus constituting more problems on earth, consequently, aside the problem of violence and insecurity man is today faced with disease of high level and again hunger spreads across nations giving many a sense of pain and anger thus youth are restive in many nations as unemployment has become the stock in trade of nations. This leads many to no longer sing songs of joy but that of sorrow,  pain and despair. The cries of many earth dwellers are not heard by the few elite who rule them  thus its a deafening song of hopelessness. The ruling class are not oblivious of the songs of despair across nations but have decided to shut  their ears to these songs and this is not wise as the indices of despair and hopelessness signals violence, especially on the part of the youths, not to give the youths hope is to draw them towards the path of violence.

It is therefore high time that the ruling class remove the plug in their ears and listen to the songs across nations else they must face untold crimes and violence across nations for to ignore these songs is to plunge humanity into chaos and deprivation.

Though according to Thomas Malthus in his 'Essay on population'(1798) he states thus; that human nature and repulse undergo appreciable changes over time, he regarded an  egalitarian society as an unnatural one with the premise that in a given society, it is impossible for everyone to be equal, that nothing could wipe out poverty which is inherent in a given society, that poverty can not be related to a good or bad government and that the various changes of government across nations cant stop poverty. The question then is, what can put an end to global poverty? He further states in that essay thus; that if population is unchecked human beings will double themselves every 25 years and will increase 64 times in the next 100 years and that the food supply on earth will only increase 7 times more. It must be noted that humans increase proportionately more than food from his studies hence the need to tackle the problem of an increase in the supply of food on earth in line with the population increase already in place.

The increase in population does not balance with the supply of food and other resources on earth,this issue must now be addressed by the government as the fact remains that every social problem does have a solution but the mantle of authority in many instances is not in the hands of those who hold the keys to such solutions hence the great global problem of not only poverty but confusion and disillusionment for neither the ruling class nor the citizens know the way out but there's always a light at the end of a tunnel.Mankind today is unfortunately in that tunnel and all are struggling for the scarce resource therein thus the fight for supremacy and control of resource but that is not the solution for struggles brings hatred,malice,anger and wars.The solution lies with the people and their mindset,they must be ready to balance both the population of the inhabitants of the earth and the resource,since the population is already high and what everyone is fighting for is the resources,increase the resources.

Whether the resource is in food or otherwise,its inevitable that there is now an urgent need to meet the needs of the increased population.The society does not necessarily have to be an egalitarian one for poverty and its antecedents to be eradicated in any given society for poverty exist in some societies due to their greedy leaders,a typical example is African and Asian leaders who rather than improve on the standard of living of their people amass wealth unto themselves.This is great diservice to their people who then have to wallow in poverty. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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