Teenage "pregnancy,birth at youth not knowing, unknowledgeable, some victims of rape, others deceived by one they thought loves them. Confusion, pains, anxiety, wherein will they turn. Society condems, teenage rejection from parents, peers and society at large.Lust thought to be love, thus the mind blinded with words untrue, believing a deceiver not true in soul. To where will the young girl go, confused unto God she must, as only he can bring her out of the pain. Society marginalises, sees her as an outcast, the easy way out, society prude her take, but many this in abortion through this path perish as many of them die. Some in courage bear the shame, carry the pregnancy to term with no help from the one who once professed love thus pain in soul, she feels and tears within the heart, only the Almighty and her behold. Courage her shield to victory thus delivered from the pain within heart as success she attains through love and patience." (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


The young teenage girl who becomes pregnant is faced with alot of challenges especially in the African and Asia societies. In America and Europe its easier as the people in these continents are relatively more mature and enlightened to handle matters with a high sense of maturity, never the less, there is no society that a teenager will find it easy when saddled with teenage pregnancy as because of the age, the larger society tends to view the teenager with ignominity and ridicle thus instead of comfort, care and love what she receives is condemnation, mockeryand rejection even from love ones. 

The problem of teenage pregnancy most often stems from a misunderstanding on the part of the young girls though a times it also comes as a result of rape thus the young girl is a victim of circumstance beyond her control and consequently needs help not further marginalisation from the society. The cause of teenage pregnancy varies from sometimes rebellion on the part of the youth. The causes of rebellion varies as some seek acceptance and love, while others are deceived thus rebell against parents and care givers. Many of the young girls are trying to gain self actualisation and societal recognition and in the process some get pregnant. They desire that the larger society recognise them and in a bid also to amass materials things, some equally get pregnant. Their vulnereable nature as young girls not minding, thus expose themselves, whereas their parents were most often trying to protect them, their  desire to be free to make decisions and choice instead of allowing their parents to guide them rightly. In many cases, their peers groups affects them not in the positive things but in the negative ones as the things that are trendy,and not to tell parents, they step into a zone that they are not yet prepared for in body and mind and that's sex.

They think that sex is a game and tool for them to use and achieve other things they are in need of and though many claim to be in love, its not true for they lust after the person to get one thing or the other from the person. This is because if its love then sex need not be the focal point, but personality and nature of the persons, but with
teenagers, its sex though they call it love, they fail to distinguish between love and lust, thus regard lust to be love and are thrown into a state of perplexity, before they know what's happening, they venture into the excess of lust and sex, though not all, some teenage pregnancy are through rape and confused not knowing where to turn to,they turn to their peers for advice thus further  compounding the problem. and their life, and if not handed carefully, they'll be further thrown into an abyss of no return as many loss their lives while trying to hide this fact and try to continue life as if nothing of such nature assails them, some survive it, some damage their womb in the process unknown to them only to discover so later on in their lives but there are some who by providence are to become young mothers, so the pregnancy grows to full term and they have their babies.

and both mother and child survive while some equally loss their lives in the process, while the unlucky ones loss both their lives and that of the unborn child. Teenage pregnancy is dangerous due to the fact that the bodies of the young girl is not mature enough to carry the foetus till full term and it needs extra care before the success of the survival of both mother and child. In order to achieve this success there is need for adequate medical care as well as love from family and friends and the society at large and abortion is not the best option as this only further complicates the issue but care, love and encouragement is what is needed from parents especially and those around the teenager as during this period of life that is what they need as to reject and marginalise them can lead to them commiting suicide in a bid to flee from it from the society. 

Though the teenager has made a mistake along the way, it's not the end of the road for her thus parents are herewith advice not to drive the teenage girl from the home but rather to admonish her in love and care for her and the unborn child no matter what the society says as to thrown her on the streets is to further give her a sense of hopelessness in life and it might cause her to either hate,abandon, harm or even kill the child as a way out. The bulk of the responsibility thus falls on parents and it does not mean that they are condoning the excesses of the teenager but that they are being loving and supportive parents and its the right thing to do. The society in the same vain should equally realise that these teenagers need help and not marginalisation at this point in their life and thus should give them words of encouragement to forge ahead and know that they can still fulfil their dreams and aspirations in life. They should be reintegrated into society and given positive direction by all members of the society in love. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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