"The separation of the carriers of light thus the radiance of the Almighty God from those of dark currents thus agents of darkness and therefore Satan's servants is inevitable as light glows in the midst of darkness and no matter what is done to put it radiance off its an impossible task as the being behind the radiance is the creator of all that is visible and invisible in existence thus those who carry his radiance are called to serve. What does it take to be called by the creator of heaven and earth and how do they serve him thus truly become worthy of him. Find out in the epic master piece." ( Ekpo,juliet.E )

THE CALL TO SERVE by Ekpo,juliet.E.

The path to service to God is not as many believe in religious rites, dogmas and traditions of men but in all activities of those truly called to serve and he it is who calls them to serve him through service to humanity thus become his worthy servant befitting of the duties assigned to them by him. Invariably, unknown to earth dwellers those called to serve are actually masters in disguise and their true identity hidden due to the fact that these ones have a covenant with God thus are linked with him,in view of this humanity does not benefit when they treat these persons with ignominity and scorn as in most instance they are sent to help them out of the darkness that has engulf many without humanity being conscious of it. The call to serve is not for all and sundry as many view especially those in religious circles as its a divine appointment not in need of any earthly qualification and study of earthly things but its through the guildiance and directive of the Holy Spirit thus to these ones there's a power and authority that other human beings do not possess.

The call to serve is unlike anything else in existence as it involves working for the Almighty God thus its a call from him only unto those souls he found worthy of carrying his energies and radiance thus his Holy Spirit is one of the gifts he bestows unto this ones as his call comes with  the anionting of the Holy Spirit thus with power. This power is not that of the individual servant but a part of the gift of the Holy Spirit given these persons. They are not like other humans who walk the planes of the earth as in their inner man is the radiance of the creator thus they are not servants but are sent by the creator as part of his will to fulfil his pre-ordained purpose. They in truth are actually kings before the throne of grace but in furtherance of their being and will with the creator must enter unto this realm of manifest and accomplish his will. They are invariably, part of the creator's will.

Many have already walked the planes of the earth and mankind in its usual mode of never welcoming that which comes from the creator rejected them and thereby many of them killed in the process, many equally have suffered untold hardship in the hands of the forms of darkness even before being killed thus many true servants of God Almighty have been killed by earth men under the guise of doing so for him but the truth is that they are dark forms who walk for the ruler of this world and its system and when they thus behold light carriers,envy as to the power and authority they possess envelops them as they see these ones as a great threat to their status quo on earth, but irrespective of their stand on earth, they are considered to be unfaithful servants by the creator hence they dwell not in his will thus inevitable must this inglorious works of theirs bring him before his judgement not as his servants but as enemies of the truth and consequently his enemies in existence.

The creator in who he is, has in his will love,mercy, joy, peace, health, blessing,  prosperity and all the treasures of heaven and in line with who he is and his will all that indwells him must he use as aid to help all souls before he can rightly judge all souls even though he created all things visible and invisible. It is his servants, he sents and they are high spiritual beings from him. Many are the knowledge of the spiritual things that is unknown to man, but known to the heavenly beings, but its not for the men of this age but for a generation whose covenant is with him the creator as this ones are equally part of his will thus these ones will dwell in him and he in them. His will, will be theirs as their will no longer exist. Consequently, those called to serve, do not exist, but he the creator exist in them and hence, whatever is done to these ones is not done to them but to the creator. These servants will not mention their identity for the seek not the honour of men but that of the Almighty God.

Therefore, they are not on earth to please men, but are sent here to give to humanity what at the point in time is the will from the creator. In many instance they are not on earth to please humanity but as servants of God to do his will. Thereby when he is honoured and glorified then these ones will be equally glorified, without his glorification, they have no glory hence they seek only for his will to manifest as in its manifestation, they are equally revealed and honoured. They have served him in all of creation and there will never be a time they wont, as they are called to serve thus they carry the golden heart in creation and it cannot be otherwise. These are not as many think and what many think them to be. They have a recognition of the heavenly things beyond the knowledge of mankind, and will never be found in the crowd but in the closet as their call demands all their times be spent with the creator and when in the crowd, they are not part of it, as they are amongst the few beloved of the Almighty God, and will remain thus for eternity for these ones have truly served him in spirit and in truth. The fools says in his heart that there's no God while the fear of God is the begining of wisdom. Which of these are you? The fool who deceives himself in wanton or inglorious living thinking that he mocks the creator or the wise one, who lays aside the way of sins as he fears and knows that whatsoever he sows, he and none else will reap. Only time carries the answers, but for those call to serve, they already know the answer. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


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