"Not all things are beneficial to mankind, many rather than bring gain brings sorrows and pain; many are embedded in cultures and traditions. Time to remove the scales in your eyes and do away with the dogmas and traditions of man for they seek nothing else than to enslave. Now is the appointed time to be liberated and only you as an individual can do so, you owe it to yourself in the course of your journey on earth." (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


Culture can be defined as a way of life of a group of persons, their values, norms, dress code, food, dance, and even ornaments they use, while tradition is their belief system put in place as unique to them and not to other inhabitants of the earth. Cultures and traditions differ globally thus only a few major ones will be addressed. This is because the effects cuts across majority of them and thus constitute a problem to many persons who because of acceptability prefer to remain silent and suffer the effects.

The effects of many of the cultures and traditions on earth is as old as man himself for the class system had always been a part of the human nature and this the higher cast or what is today known as the elite put in place as a form of identity and control for culture seeks to identify a group of persons with certain norms and values while tradition seeks to put under control thus without looking at its advantages and disadvantages to gain a balance these cultures and traditions were incorporated into the system of life of the people and they have no say in it but its a fact that many of the cultures and traditions on earth are of little value for the peaceful existence of man and it is as a result of this not necessary in the peoples lives and ought to be done away with.

Mankind has reached a stage in which he should be not only spiritually but equally physically mature and unless he consciously without equivocation do away with those norms in any given society that are not beneficial to him, he will continue to be a slave and a statement of a popular politician say's; "until the whole of mankind is free, we are all slaves." Some are slaves in their thought patterns and thus need to be liberated from it, while others are slaves to the system they equally need redemption from the system, and others still further who need freedom from the cultures and traditions of men for these things stem from men to keep status quo in a given social system not for the overall benefit of the generality of the people but for that of a select thus not worth the salt.

Many persons will argue that some aspect of human cultures and traditions are of benefit then it should be imbibed as a natural part of life as again these cultures and traditions separate us across the globe and does not unite us globally. Its just an identity tag without benefit, since its not of gain but separates us thus its a tool of darkness and should be removed from the society at large. Again, many of these cultures are dangerous to life like circumcision of the female child, its part of the culture and traditions of some people on earth.

Female genial mutilation is part of the culture of many African and Asian countries and it goes to show that these countries are spiritually blind thus are primitive in their thought patterns and consequently need to be liberated from their wrong thoughts as they do not consider the harm involved in this rites but view it as part of their norms. Most often these terrible tradition is done in a crude and obnoxious manner thus the environment very unhygienic and no proper medical personnel involved. In some cultures the girl child is left bleed and some only survive by providence while many die in the course of this tradition.

These traditions and cultures are acts of abuse towards the girl child on earth and the Almighty sees it as wickedness on the part of the perpetrators. This is because children are gifts from him irrespective of the sex and the one who gives them expects that they be loved and cared for not abused as those who do this things are apt to do, anything short of the love the Almighty is a great dis service and the spiritual laws of the creator will bring all these persons to judgement for their cruelty. Many of these cultures and traditions are mainly practiced in Africa and Asia because of the fact that first world nations do not accept such in their societies thus its a crime there but in the former nations due to their primitive thought forms, they are very self centered persons who due to their high status quo at one point in time past included these practices to satisfy their lust and corrupt minds and then tagged it tradition but its not of benefit and dangerous hence should be thrown into the garbage bin.

There is also the culture of early child marriage and the victim once again is the girl child, this is equally mainly practiced in African and Asian countries as the minds and thought patterns do these group of individuals is immature spiritually and intellectually thus their primitive link to unprofitable ventures that satisfy their lust of the flesh and their corrupt minds as many of the young girls given are too young and many are abused and maltreated and left to the cold hands of faith thus many are infected sexually in the process and some of them even die early as a result of these unethical practices on earth by those who are meant to protect them instead of doing so abusing them. Some of these unethical traditions are equally in some religions and as far as they infringe on the rights of an individual, whether its an adult or child, should be done away with forthwith. This is a global call to all ethical souls on earth to raise their voice and take decisive action in the society against any form of abuse.

The children in the world are gifts and irrespective of their gender are to be protected, therefore irrespective of the place on earth, all earth dwellers owe these children love,care and protection. It's their rights and none should deprive them of it under the guise of culture and tradition. The caste system is a separatist ideology that breeds hatred amongst people, it's equally ungodly and was put in place by men to maintain status quo, it's time to understand that love does not have or exhibit all those things and that God is love.


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