"The gender of the child not minding, all children are born equally but with man its not so as some are born more equal than others and this ought not to be so. This is due to the fact that the male child is accepted and given more regard than their female counterpart. This ought not to be as all children are gifts and equal from God thus care and love in equal measure ought all to give to any of the genders but man  segregates though claims not to do so. Their works on earth prove that they are yet to know the truth about one who created and his will" (  Ekpo,Juliet.E  )


Gender inequality on earth starts from birth as from the day a child is born in some societies, the child is seen as an out cast and thus not accorded love and care even by the parents who bring the child on earth. The girl childs gas become a victim of inequality on earth especially in African societies whereby the male child is treated as a king and the female a slave fit only for domestic chores thus the kitchen and satisfaction of the lust of men. This is a gross dis-service to the girl child as she's marginalised as a result of this and treated even from the home as a second class citizen consequently, not given her pride of place as deserved even by parents.

This is equally true of Asia societies and some of the other societies across the globe. They all see the birth of a girl child as an abomination and a curse thus she's not to be given the same equal opportunities as the male counterpart. This shows how myopic their thoughts are as even in many religions, this is equally enthroned as some religions are male gender sensitive and thus the traditions of men in that society incorporated in their religion as if emanating from God. One of the major girl child abuse is the female genital mutilation, whereby in some societies the girl child is left to die from bleeding or has one kind of infection because of the crude object used during the procedure. Many female children have lost their lives through this manner thus as a result of tradition, lives are lost. The hard heartedness of man is shown through some of these traditions as many of these acts are cruel and obnoxious thus against the rights of the child consequently an abuse on the child.

The child thus becomes a victim from a tender age and a prey in the hands of those whose duty is to love and protect on earth. This is just one of the many abuses that the girl child is faced with upon entry to the planes of the earth. Many even throw the child away once they discover its a female child and in Africa a woman is not regarded with respect until she gives birth to a male child. Thus, they say that only the male child continues the man's lineage. Some men even go to the extent of mal-treating such a wife and the children. This is an act of ignorance as in reality, it is the man who determines the gender of the child not the woman, so the African men ought to blame themselves and not their wives. The men are never blamed, its always the female. Again, the female child passes through a lot of sexual abuse, some from a very tender age as in some societies and culture, there's the child bride wherein a girl child as young as seven/eight years old is given out in marriage to a much older man, some as old as their grand fathers to satisfy the lust of the males without due consideration to the age of the child. All is to the advantage of the male child thus gender inequality. This young brides who morally are too young to be married off are taken as commodities and sold off to the highest bidder and married off, some for unthinkable reasons and amount thus showing how morally decadent the societies of the world have become. They lack conscience on earth thus behave in these manner as only a society morally decadent and without conscience can tolerate same. It is therefore, time to fight this terrible menace of all forms of child abuse especially the girl-child abuse right from the homes as the men who indulge in these acts come from homes and their up-bringing is the major fact of this kind of thought patterns. Women,  time to consider all your children as equals in the home and teach both your male and female kids that they are created equals, thus both male and female are to do all house chores,

teach your male child to respect the female and vis-visa thus create a balance. Women, teach your girl child that she's not a sex tool, no matter what the society dictates, that she's to give herself self respect and dignity and gain it by her conduct on earth thus her womanhood  is precious not to be triffled with or used as a means of survival. Men on earth, upgrade your moral values to understand that your decadent by your thoughts hence, your works are evil. The women teach your children from a tender age not to allow any male touch them in certain areas of their bodies and that their bodies are sacred and to be valued not floated in wanton living. Many young girls thus the girl child are sold into prostitution and thus trafficked across Europe and America as sex slaves. This is a gross marginalization and the perpetrators are animals, who ought to face the law and be sentenced for such crimes, then again many societies always blame the girl child for these things and this is wrong as they are victims.

In many societies it is the girl child that is used as domestic help and many in the course of it are abused, only a few cases are ever reported. Many are never reported and many girl children are raped even by their male relatives and some their fathers and its supported by society. Let society now know that these are acts against God's will and the individuals involved and that the one who created will eventually destroy all societies who tolerate such as these are acts of evil and wickedness and should there be religions that equally supports such, they will equally cease to exist. The battle is now taken to the enemies of the girl child globally for you are all perverts and egocentric males and the creator himself will send all of you to perpetual suffering for eternity this injustice you have berated on the girl child whether your were a parent or not as far as you did bring pain to them instead of joy, even if you run from man's justice on earth, you can't run from that of the Almighty God.

They will not escape God's judgement as in pain and sorrow they will spend eternity unless they change from their evil ways. To all earth dwellers, protect the girl child from all forms of abuse, whether the child is yours or not as for you to do otherwise is seen as evil and you like the perpetrators will be judged as evil and wicked thus hell will be your home. Now is the time to take the bull by the horn all and sundry by saying "NO" to all forms of abuse especially that of children and most especially that of the girl child. Let's start from the home with the orient ion then move to the larger society, from the office to the schools, to religious circles and all spheres of life,any where there's any form of abuse, stand up against it as today another person's child is the victim, tomorrow, it maybe yours. Earth dwellers, these are the things that brings destruction on humanity and the almighty is ready to destroy, unless mankind repents of these arts.

Is mankind wise, or will foolishness lead him to the shore's of eternal destruction? Time alone holds the answers. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


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