"The earth roars to a close,its clock ticks to the ebb of the century, many souls doomed unto damnation,some to salvation, others to perdition. The new world order put in place by man,the truth dropped and falsehood enthroned. The master of deceit at the head sited but not him in truth,his stock many as his mark they equally bear. The master of deceit is on life's stage,all knees he forces must bow to him. He is come not to save but to drag souls to eternal damnation as only those who are loyal to him his mark must bear as they through their works on earth his children are and in accordance will eternity must spend with him also." (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


The master of deceit appears on stage to take his place as the ultimate authority on earth in accordance with God's will and purpose thus fulfilling the turning of the age to bring an end to one age and usher in another and a new epoch of life for earth dwellers as the deceiver takes total control in all affairs of man on earth.All nations on earth will hand over power to him and in might will he rule humanity as cruelty is his stock in trade. Many are of the believe that the new world order is a myth but its real and its not a mirage as many want to believe. The reality of it is already showing but people are not reading the writing on the wall as its already in place.

so that at the fullness of the appointed time, the ruler of this world and its system of things is enthroned as a world leader and he will appoint only those loyal to him as his workers. He is come not to save but to bring souls to eternal damnation as only those who are like him in soul and will to him as co rulers and all souls will tilt to his ways.

The prince of the air and master of all darkness appears as the lord of the world and its system, and in consonance with the will of the creator, all nations shall hand over their authority to him. All false religious organisation including mystery Babylon his power behind them and all that they will do will be to exalt him instead of the Almighty God, in thoughts,words and deeds, his will they will accomplish and deception according to his nature,he will rule them as prince of the air commanding loyalty, he'll kill all who refuse him loyalty and thus refusing to recognize his authority. Those who do eternal damnation awaits. They are dark forms like him they carry thus deceit equally their stock in trade as he is a master of deceit. This already falsehood they've enthroned in all strata of human life, technology brought to play in the game field of deceit as man's will not the creator's own, all souls on earth except the chosen will follow and perdition their final end as all who fall prey to him will be damned,

where he spends eternity, they also will be for being  his  children and servants as his will they did on earth instead of the creator's own thus their loyalty to him they pledged, consequently, losing their right of place as the Almighty's children. Deceit and falsehood their stock in trade on earth. All who walk on his path damnation their end as all those who will in truth be part of the new world order are souls destined unto damnation. Are you one of them? What are your works on earth? If they be works of deceit then you are equally one of his, as even religions also Christianity deceit enthroned therein. Only a few individuals not destined or pre-ordined to walk not in deceit and falsehood will the radiant light of glory from the luminous heights free through it mighty rays from the hand of the master of deceit(Satan). The stage is already set for this epoch happens on earth and not freedom but enslavement the aim of the deceiver as the turning point will prove finally to many persons on earth.

that ignorantly throughout their various course of existence they served not the truth but this cruel being in disguise of being the truth and all things of the gross material his tool to use not for there spiritual progression and growth but that they with him spend eternity in damnation as the flesh and all the passion and lust associated with it are doomed for eternity because all the souls  who were unable to conquer these passion and all gross material things in damnation to spend, as the master of deceit is king of the flesh and all that is associated with it and his home is their end. Many earth dwellers will as a result of ignorance of the truth thereby perish. To be fore warned is to be fore armed.

The super powers and those at the helm of affairs in what concerns men on earth have agreed that the control of all economic,political and social strata globally be placed in the hands of an individual and that his the ultimate authority.Some of the persons on earth are not oblivious of this  fact but there are many who are and as a result are living in a world of illusion that the new world order is not possible but its already in place as the various worldly and spiritual organisations are geared towards this task unknown to those who bluntly refuse it possibility. Whether humanity believes it or not the technological advancement and even the use of the computer in all the affairs of men globally is part of the new world order as without it its actualization is impossible.Therefore,all things are in readiness for the rule of the ruler of this world as all the souls not linked with the Almighty are invariably his to control and he though not the creator will sit as him and rule even in men's heart.

and evil shall fill the face of the earth as never before and mankind the path of goodness will they no longer walk and many souls will no longer be able to love,and hatred will fill the hearts of all earth dwellers because his spirit many souls will control. He is already in the world and everything on earth related to him such as corruption is geared\directed towards his grand acceptance and authority, because he will come as one who has come to bring global peace but his goal is not that peace but through deceit he will the nations on earth thus in deceit men will walk on earth and truth will be far from the affairs of men as the prince of the air(Satan) takes his seat unleaching terror to all who refuse to worship him for his worship enthrone in all strata of human endeavours on earth, and only few souls the divine hand of the Almighty saved from his terrible claws and these ones he will war with as none of the true and faithful souls will bow to him or take his mark and he will as a result kill many of them.

thus many their lives taken in cruelty as he subtle as the snake that he is, comes with wickedness enthroned in his heart, and none of those called ones thus chosen by the creator, Almighty God his kingdom will refuse because their destines not to him tied, but those that are his, will hail him as king and ruler, and their knees and head to him will they bow as their destinies is equally tied to him. Deceit his tool, father of deception, the world will he rule and pain, suffering and agony upon humanity he will bring as he though comes as one who brings peace but brings nothing but the destruction of body and soul.(Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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