'Liberation in whatever form is the ernest desire of all earth dwellers as it comes with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment thus joy. Economic liberation thus is the threshold of financial gains. Find out how to be economically independent.'


The problem of global economic melt down has put many persons on earth on a path they never envisaged of lack and deprivation, consequently causing much hardship across the globe as many are no longer able to put food on the table for the family and many are being sacked instead of the youths being employed, they are thrown into the unemployment market and those who are in employment are not being paid by both the government, companies and individuals. Life has therefore become unbearable for many people as they can no longer feed or pay bills thus the standard of living of many persons even in developed nations is on a down ward trend and there seems to be no solution in sight due to the incessent population growth and the fact that the bulk of the population are youths.

The fact remains that the bulk of youths that graduate from high schools and colleges supercede the available jobs thus constituting a major problem as more jobs are not been created because of lean resources, again in terms of government they have refused to give this issue the importance it demands and spend more on less important things like their individual needs as against the societal needs of the people thus instead of creating employment they'll rather sack those already in employment to keep pace with their standard of living,the budgets of nations across the globe are not people oriented but the few political class oriented thus further compounding the problem faced by the masses. The people on their own part have equally failed to come out of the illusion and face the realities on ground that the few who constitute the political dont have the solution and rather than give them a way out will only compound their problem and will only give them the crumbs from their greedy tables.

The youths must therefore take their future in their hands as they are the ones most affected by global policies thus becoming economically independent is the key to the whole problem. Education, indeed is a means to it but the global situation seeks more from all indication, thus the youths need to add to the education, innovation, vision and creativity. They as youths must buttress the education with creativity, looking around the globe to know what is needed and harness from societal needs economically thus gain from societal needs. One of the greatest needs on earth is food production thus the youths should be used to address that need as the production of food is of benefit to not only the youths but the whole of society. Priority should be given to the production of crops through the youths to curb global food shortage consequently putting an end to hunger on earth.

The persistent problem being in the global policies across nations wherein the less important things like luxiries for politicians are given the pride of place instead of the basic needs of the people. This calls for a total over haul of policies globally. This is because even if the basic needs are part of the policies, they are never implemented.The ones that are always implemented are ones that benefit the political class.In view of this, the masses must note that should the trend not change then their standard of living will also not change,should they desire change then it must come from them.This is because the political class is not in the real sense interested in what benefits the majority of the people on earth but in what brings gain and benefit to them as individuals thus its a capitalist oriented policies for the benefit of a selected few in the social strata.This invariably indicates that unless globally the governments are ready to create employment drastically

the current trend is likely to continue as the population is not decreasing but rather increasing thus there is need for both the government and the private sector to create more jobs.Investments into nations by multi national companies are to be encouraged instead of dis-couraged and for nations who are grabbing with electricity failure and shortage, its high time they give their people constant power supply as this is equally a source of employment and revenue, it also attracts investments into a nation.The youths being those affected most when the economy goes the downward trend calls for decisive mass empowering of youths globally and then providing them with soft loans to be self reliant and small investors.Thereby able to sustain themselves and cut down on the total dependence of youths on collar jobs.The youths are therefore advised to acquire some form of skills in addition to their education in order to be economically liberated.


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