"The home, a place of peace, bliss and joy. The place where souls always longs to be as its a place of comfort an solace. Many think to have a big building or house constitute a home, but wrong in thought as the size is insignificant, what's important is that the home has love embedded as the foundation while the house is devoid of it. Love is the bedrock of the home thus God its builder, while in the case of the house, there's on love. What many men and families have is a house, not a home as in a home, only joy and peace prevails but it absent in a house. Is  yours a house filled with all sorts of accessories or is it truly a home? Find out in this eye opening piece." (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


The home is built by God Almighty as a dwelling place for the family unit to relate with one another in love and care thus its a place of bliss, joy and harmony but not all houses where people dwell can  be considered as a home as love is deviod in many houses even though family members dwell therein.

They therefore don't live therein in love thus there's no unity of purpose thus oneness and devotion towards each others goals and aspiration in the house and the members therein equally grow up in that light not as children of love but as children of the world as they won't share anything and they'll be taught the doctrines of separatist thus each man for himself and they'll grow up as self-centered individuals on earth and as such all their purpose in life will be to satisfy self. The self is not a spirit from the Almighty God but from satan, the ruler of this world thus does not lead to the luminous heights as all the passions of life including lust of the eyes and flesh stems from hence. Consequently, it's not a glorious attribute for any soul as from it stems greed and corruption and all vices in existence thus it's a part of the word's system as put place by satan and his cohorts including religious organisations.

It is therefore of importance to note the difference between having a house filled with all manner of luxuries but devoid of love and the steps to take in order to have a happy home as any home devoid of God thus love is eventually going to crumble. In order to build a happy home, there are steps to be taken to achieve this and if followed sincerely and properly then your home will be built on the unshakeable solid rock and nothing can crumble it. The first step is that if you want to start a family, then do it properly, not as the world thinks,if a man then marry, and also do same if female too, but do so out of love and when marrying, marry a woman\man who equally loves and loves you but above all is a woman who has the fear of God, is virtuous and not after the lust of the world and is respectful honourable thus is a humble woman of dignity. The woman in the same view should equally marry a man who loves her, is one who seeks God's face in fear thus has the fear of God, a man of honour, humble and incorruptible.

thus a man equally of dignity. Then do the proper thing by formally marrying her thus take the woman to God in union and consumate your union with the involvement of God. Immediately you find the woman of your desires, take her to God for him to approve the union and then and only then should both of you think of living together as one else you are both living in sin if you dwell together, copulate and have children and this is not a good foundation for a union, of course if the society you both belong demands for the traditional rites of marriage, then fulfil this before going to God. Immediately, both of you live together as husband and wife, you are no longer two separate entities but one devoid of tension if for any reason there's tension in the home, it will affect the overall atmosphere of the home and all it's members, anything that will cause tension in the home should be avoided by both the husband and wife. 

The atmosphere of the  home should always be an harmonious and anything or anyone who seeks to disturb the family peace, love and harmony should be kept away from the home.The involvement of third parties in the affairs concerning the home should be avoided at all cost and the husband and wife must always be mindful of the involvement of third parties either in form of relatives and friends in their marriage. All problems they encountered should be settled between each other with God as their guide and prayers. Should they for any reason quarrel, they should not allow it continue till the following day. Couples in order not to destroy their home should not keep secrets from each other,they should do everything together consulting each other in major decisions concerning the home. In finances, the husband and wife should have equally  access to each other's finances or better still have a joint account if they both agree to it.

When the couple decides to have children, it must be with the agreement of both parties as to the number of children they desire to have, and the up-bring of the children a joint task of the couple. When major projects are equally to be done by the couple, it should be with the agreement and consent of both parties in order for there not to conflict in the home. On the educational pursuit of the children, they should be guided by parents as the children equally need to be happy in the home and depending on their ages, they should be allowed to make their contribution in the decision concerning the home and their contribution given due consideration. The family should always have family time together, like breakfast and dinners should be taken together as lunch might be skipped due to the fact that all member during the weekdays will be at work and school. Then the family should always pray together even in the evening before all retire to bed for the day.

Family fun time and vocations should always be part of the family life, wherein the family spend time out together to shop, for leisure and holidays just to ease the tension and stress of everyday life, chores in the house should be shared and not left to one party especially if both of your are working and even if the woman is a housewife, the husband should always give a helping hand in chores in the house thus making stress less and tension in the home less,. follow these steps and put God as the foundation of your home

Build your home with love, trust, faith, respect, humility and understanding. Do not compare either of your spouse with others and don't compete in marriage. Be content with whatever you have in your marriage and don't discuss your problems with others but with each other. Resolve issues amicably with each other and wives\husbands always be humble and respectful towards your husbands\wives and success in your home and all endeavours of life will be yours. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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