"Sealed unto redemption, faithful servant of the Almighty God upon the forehead as a sign of being chosen as his children. His Holy name as the creator, he gives as a seal only by the hands of his Holy angels for those souls chosen to be his for eternity." ( Ekpo,Juliet.E)


All the days of man is spent in furtility and his days numbered on earth, his existence the most important as man is more than flesh and blood. The flesh is the home of souls on earth, but not his true home for his true home lies far beyond the luminous heights a realm of bliss, eternal joy and glory but not all souls, this home can reach as only those worthy of the Almighty God as their father who do  his will  thus give him glory are welcomed there but as man,his own must he separate from the rest, he finds as unfaithful servants in creation. Hence, the faithful did his will so his Holy name to this ones must he give for being faithful servants on earth in all their course of existence on earth thus in duty on earth, he alone they served in thoughts,words and deeds Due to this, his Holy name unto them he gives as truly in faithful service with him must these souls dwell for eternity. Therefore,at the turn of the age when others and many are busy with earthly things unknown to them, his Holy name he assigns by messengers from his glorious throne, messengers from on high with a divine mission and he the Almighty sent in the midst of mankind unknown to all  and sundry. Their task is a glorious one as never before on earth done, but the new age or the time of the regeneration arrives at man's door step and the messengers of the truth must equally do their duties on earth, they enter with this task unknown to all and sundry to seal his true servants. Why must God's true servants be sealed and with what? Those souls who have truly served the creator in spirit and in truth must in line with his Holy will as the Almighty be separated with the rest of mankind. So what or how does the seal look like?  The seal unto the faithful and chosen of God Almighty is his Holy name.

This Holy name is to be placed upon their foreheads, and they are to carry it as an identity or identification for the angels of God who are to judge all creation with God not to touch as this set of angels are that of vengence. Vengence from God Almighty for not serving him faithfully but serving the enemy of righteousness and holiness as nothing sinful is allowed to behold the creator's eternal glory and only holiness, righteousness and purity do the gates of heaven open do eternally. The seal is the Holy name of the Almighty God that is not known but is his name and in the name "Yeshua" his Holy name therein contained and this name his Holy angels will to his faithful ones give as a seal  of their covenant with him thus signally them as the chosen ones of the creator of all things in heaven and on earth. This ones are not to for eternity be destroyed with the rest of creation. They have been found worthy of his eternal glory and will never depart from it.

Humanity triffles with this happening in creation but its part of the will of the Almighty God and in accordance with who he is all that is in his will must be fulfilled thus making him the only true and faithful one who alone is worthy of all praise and glory but in the new heaven and new earth not all souls as today will be allowed to partake of this sublime activities but only those he, the creator himself found worthy of himself. They didn't choose him but he of his will choose them thus making them his chosen ones and thus his beloved ones in creation.
( Ekpo,Juliet.E )


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