''We are not all created to follow the same courses and choices must we make as human's on earth. None has the right to infringe on the rights of others in the choices they make." 
True or False.         ( Ekpo,Juliet.E )


     The issue of transgender is today a global one and its now an inevitable issue on earth. What exactly is transgender and what are its antecedence on earth? How does transgender issues affect the rest of us and are these persons in anyway harmful to our overall existence as dwellers and citizens of the earth?
Basically, transgenders are persons who after not being comfortable with their original gender, that's the gender they're born with, they decide with time to change to the ones they are more comfortable with through surgeries. This is to equally post their personality and purpose with satisfaction.

Many persons who choose to be transgender have personality conflict within their minds, they therefore try through these surgeries to resolve their personality conflicts so as to be able to solve the issue they are therefore persons who are going though physiological problems and emotions, thus are to be helped in the society not rejected as many persons are apt to do.        
These are persons with a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex. They are viewed as persons whose gender expression or behavior does not conform to typically associated with the sex they are born with. While it is a good term, not every person whose appearance or behavior is gender-non conforming will identify as one who is a transgender person. The cultural, academic, and scientific acceptance is changing as awareness and enlightenment and the basic knowledge of these set of persons in our society is growing rapidly and this is something to be viewed in the right direction.

The acceptability of transgenders globally is an issue that must be addressed critically with importance as if they are marginalized in any form, it will constitute an infringement to their basic rights as human's on earth and fellow earth dwellers are wrong to do that in existence.
 Stigmatization in whatever form is not a favorable thing for any individual thus as the segregation based on the colors of ones skin is wrong, that of gender is also equally wrong. The marginalization of transgenders in the society is thus a wrong course to take. The theory of any human being, being made an out-cast in any given society is as a result of the lack of understanding on the part of many individual on earth of the spiritual laws put in place by the creator, thus all spices on earth have a free will which ought to be respected and are to be allowed to exercise such free-will as long as they don't infringe on that of others. Thus to stigmatic transgenders in any society is a dis-service done to them. It has its effects.

Should any who is a transgender function/relate properly with the rest without causing any harm either to his/her self or others then the rest of the earth dwellers are to accept them into the society instead of rejecting thus segregating them. This is because segregation in whatever form it takes is not of the Almighty God thus will only cause a big problem further for all earth dwellers, in order to avoid  these and many other issues relating to this topic,it  must be addressed decisively to further avert the hate syndrome in the society, as segregation breeds hatred in a society and it must be nibbed in the bud before it grows and has roots thus becomes difficult to raid globally. The race caste is a good study tool for mankind and many ought to learn lessons from it that through the race caste, humanity instead of gaining,  plunged themselves into an abuse of hatred yet to be gotten out of even after many centuries, as many with pains still nurse the bitterness of the estrangement thus still seek vengeance.

Though it is at  minimal level, its still a great hindrance to the peaceful co-existence of earth dwellers, consequently, any thing that will breed any iota of hatred in the society should at all cost not be allowed to exist globally, as it goes beyond the present generation.
 The president of the United State of America, Donald Trump recently banned transgender persons from serving in the military thus they're being marginalized and this will not only affect the present crop of transgender persons in the military but the up coming transgender youths in the American society who will wish to serve their nation. From the military, it could move on to other sectors of the social strata thus transgenders may find it difficult to gain employment and this constitutes a gross infringement on their right as citizens of t earth. It will not bring any positive impact but rather a negative thus should be discouraged, discarded and immediately done away with as every one on earth irrespective of gender is entitled to freedom.

and democracy further empowers the individual to even choose who rules in each land thus  democracy is meant to be a tool of freedom not subjugation as this is being done to transgenders on earth. It is wrong for any group of individuals or an individual to marginalize any other one for whatever reason as these will affect the lives of not only the present but equally the future generations. When decisions are policies are drawn, consideration as to not only the present,  but equally the future must be given importance and a critical over-view thus just like the class distinction between race, ethnic groups and caste system is wrong and a means of enslavement, so is the marginalization of transgender globally. We express our views through speech and make all effects to live in our comfort zones thus choose what invariably gives us comfort and none marginalizes us for it. In the same view, we are equally to understand that all humans on earth have a right to dwell in their comfort zones and transgenders.

are equally to be duly accorded all their civic rights which includes;food, shelter, education, employments and other necessities of life globally. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


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