"Mysteries untold, the age of enlightenment dawns on humanity and from his slumber to the realities that we're not alone in the universe.The truth at your doorstep at last."


The universe vast, earth part of it but there are other planets other than the earth,earth men have discovered some and are yet to discover others but the facts is that mankind is not alone in the vast universe and its an error for him to deny the truth and thus refuse to accept it. It is better that he recognize the facts before him and face it before its too late for whether he accepts it or not he will one day be forced to but the earlier instead of ignoring bear it in mind and try to understand it that he has all the while been wrong in his thinking as humanity never wants to take responsibility for their wrong thinking but rather prefer to hide their face in the face of realities.

The earth, a place of abode for humans as well as other species but earth dwellers are oblivious of the truth and even the few who do know to truth are sworn to secrecy about the issue as this will unsettle the minds of many. This and other reasons are why this knowledge is hidden but the truth is that the leaders of the first world countries past and present are aware of these facts but in order not to cause panic amongst earth dwellers have decided to hide it but is this right for there are other living species out in space, more intelligent and technologically advance than man and this is a fact man refuses to accept for like man previous thought the earth was flat while its and has always been sphere so also with convincing reasons today man must no longer struggling with the truth but accept it as it inevitable that either now or in future whether he does or not it will stare him in the face as a reality he can not run away from but it does not have to be so.

It is time for the leaders of the world to be sincere with earth dwellers and tell them the truth but they will not as this may equally hamper their elite status which they want to keep in place as to be konowledgeable is power thus they stripe the masses of the knowledge and make them powerless and irrelevant thus make themselves and their status quo relevant in the society but this is the age of enlightenment as willed by he who created all things that even the hidden things be brought to light and nothing kept secret. It is in the light of this that even this piece is given for there is nothing that transpire by mistake hence today it pleases him that the other species in outer space be formally introduced so that man will stop living in ignorance and come to the true recognition as to not only himself but others who are equally recognized by the creator and, they, the species have a very good knowledge of man even more than man because they are higher and more advance than man.

This is not fiction or a movie but real, there exist in outer space species higher than mankind with higher intelligence than man and they are due to the destructive element of mankind not ready to compromise with him thus they instead of seeing men on earth as friends view them as agents of destruction. This is not to man's benefits as these higher beings are truly higher all knowledge than humanity and they are advancing higher thus can never be drawn into the petite affairs of the human mind as they are unlike humanity able to gaze beyond the face value of many persons at the same time, to them its a natural occurrence as man's breadth, so nothing is a secret to these ones as they are recognized and known even beyond space as the enlighten ones and that's how they'll continue to be,the earthly professor who prides himself of knowing so much is a kindergarten pupil in the presence of one of these ones but that's the truth as the professor has no knowledge when he meets an enlightened one.

The enlighten ones are not politicians so its impossible to use to antics of politics with them for the truth is that mankind if its not careful because whatever man does not understand he view as not a friend but an enemy thus this fact are they equally conscious of hence if man in his usual manner deals with them in the way of destruction,they will extinct man from the face of the earth and the truth is, they remain because they are indestructible as further facts signal that they are growing impatient and are more ready than ever before to take man on its destructive course he knows well and make him learn that that stock in trade is not a beneficial one at least not to him thus its not going to be gain for man but rather for them as they carry the energies unknown to mankind thus more powerful than man. Mankind is therefore advice not to engage these ones in battle as they'll only regret ever doing so. Sufficient is a word for the wise but is mankind really truly wise, time will tell.

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