"Prophets come and go but not all that call themselves are true prophets, so who is truly a prophet? Find out in this epic spiritual master piece. " ( Ekpo, Juliet.E )


 The majority of persons on earth don't believe in the prophetic office thus they don't believe in prophets, while some argue that the prophetic office seized to exist after the birth of the greatest prophet that ever lived. What is the truth, and are there proofs to the fact? The prophet and the prophetic office was not close down by the greatest prophet that walked the surface of the earth, rather than short it down, he expanded it to bring more glory to the office. The prophetic office of the truth, the creator of heaven and earth is one of the offices under the Holy Spirit and the Almighty God, creator of all that is in heaven, space and the earth. The office of the prophet is real as is the creator himself but not all persons can be true prophets of the creator as the true ones have a mission karma.

to fulfill in existence as due to their prophetic office they have a covenant with glorifying the creator of all things seen and unseen. Thus a true prophet is a servant of the Almighty sent to bring him glory, due to these, they are not like others, why? The true prophets of God Almighty possess the efficacy of the spoken word since the creator is equally the word. The covenant these true prophets of the Almighty have gives them a status in the spiritual thus a direct link and tool in the hands of the creator of the universe. They are as a result of this link  not to be toyed with, as the power of the efficacy of the spoken word places them on a supernatural presidential that others don't possess on earth. In view of this, many claim to be prophets of God but are not. For it is not the prophet who calls his/herself, but the Almighty who chooses who he desires as his prophet. The true prophet is not out to glorify his/herself but the one who has called him to serve, thus he is in reality a servant but not of man.

Though when on earth, he comes to serve humanity, but the truth is that the true prophets or servants of God are actually  kings with golden crowns but who has to lay the crown at the feet of his creator, and take the form of humanity in order to serve humanity thus fulfil his/her destiny with the creator. The prophetic words issued from the true prophet of God always comes to pass  because they are linked with the Holy Spirit. In view of this, the words of true prophets are to be given due importance as these are not their personal words but emanate from the Almighty. They are invariably the mouth piece of the creator, hence their words are directly from he who created all things visible and invisible. This clearly shows that true prophets of God are invariably his mouth piece. They bring to light to the rest of humanity his will in anticipation that they listen, hear or adhere to his will. The truth is that they act as a bridge to link the creator to creation thus his will is normally made manifest.

The prophets as a result of this are very important as without them, the bridge  its impossible to get to the creator, know his will and subsequently do them. This is due to the fact that none except God Almighty knows his will, and in order to be truly worthy of him, his will must be accomplished. If the Almighty in his completeness should dwell with creation and the earth, his glory will consume it unless his will is done. In view of this it must be noted that humanity benefits from true prophets as they are sent as helpers in the fulfillment of the destinies of those the Almighty God seeks to salvage in existence consequently it is of importance that they be identified, recognized and given their rightful places as watch men/women of souls of redemption.

To ignore them and the warning they bring spells doom for the inhabitants of the earth. This is because they are on a specific mission and in line with their call are not bond to any persons than the one who has sent them. They are not interested in the activities of men, and gratification but in honoring the one who sent them here. True prophets of God are highly knowledgeable and wise but this stems from the stock from whence the emanate.In the same vain as there are true prophets of God, there are equally false prophets who have the antics of greed on their shoulders and play on their gullible nature of earth dwellers.

False prophets use the gullibility of human beings to amass wealth unto themselves, they are not called of the creator but are self acclaimed thus do not seek the glorification of the Almighty God and his will but their personal glorification and gratification thus many who hold claim to be the creator God are false prophets for many of them acquired their spiritual power through mysticism and the kabala art(black magic). They are often times accepted by the worldly persons and personalities as in truth, they are part of the system of the world hence their compromising stand to in corporate many of the things in the world with that of the Holy Spirit but this is not possible because the Holy Spirit is sacrosanct and unique thus the things of the world can't be incorporated into his will. This is because man can't understand the ways of the creator unless he decides to make it known thus the Holy Spirit is a teacher hence true prophets of God are teachers of the truth and will of God .

but they are not many as they don't choose themselves but the Almighty in his infinite mercies sees them worthy of serving him thus calls them to service. Invariably, they become his servants. There are many true prophets of God through the ages,some of whom are Gautama popularly called Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Abdrushin among others but they are all carries of a mission karma to enlighten humanity and bring them out of spiritual darkness, equally also the greatest prophet Yeshua came because the creator sent him thus they are representatives of the creator on earth and are not to be treated with laxity, ridicule and scorn as the inhabitants of the earth are apt to do. This is equally in line with the spiritual laws that since they are of the light thus more sublime, the men on earth due to their dense nature are unable to accept not to talk of acknowledge them, those of the heavenly from God's throne are light carries, the radiance of the Almighty is with them , nothing can change it as they will return home,

heaven is the home of the true prophets of God and that's why they are knowledgeable about heavenly things as against the earthly known by man. The false prophets are more and easily gain recognition than the true prophets of God who are always persecuted once they come on earth as man has never accepted what comes from God because the things and ways of God are spiritual and not carnal hence there's a differences, the false prophets are linked to man and their ways(deceit) thus falsehood, all carnality stems from a stock root of falsehood.

Invariably, the ruler of the worldly system(satan) consequently, the world, thus worldly ways have on link with the creator of heaven and earth. As previously mentioned those who are false prophets are linked with all who have to do with the false system of the world, and there's on iota of truth in them as they are equally servants of the devil just like the true prophets are servants of God Almighty.There's is a marked distinction between the two though they are both servants, they are not both for the good and benefit of mankind, one leads to doom, while the other to redemption. The prophets of God are sent for redemptive purpose, while the false prophets are to make sure that many souls go to hell for eternity thus they're agents of darkness while the true prophets are agents of light. The greatest prophet, Yeshua though not given the right of place is a part of the creator thus know the creator and his will,he is consequently knowledgeable in the things concerning the creator of heaven and earth.
( Ekpo, Juliet.E )

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