"The church many persons believe to be the building wherein christains gather to worship and praise the creator as they believe this to be an injunction from him but the truth is that mankind has and will never accept what comes from God Almighty but only welcomes the norms, dogmas and traditions of his fellow man that allows him remain in his comfort zone to live life as he please without questions. The believe that the church is a place of a group of persons gathering together for the purpose of the worship of God is a wrong concept and thus that the gathering together to learn and identify as the followers of Christ Jesus is erronous and untrue. Is the church, the building for the worship and the praise of the creator?  If it is, is it succeeding in the worship and praise of the Almighty, and what happens to others souls who do not indulge in this manner of worship of the creator? What actually is the church in the light of the truth from the creator? What actually is the church in the light of the truth from the creator? Herein comes the answers to the controvercies about the church that has rocked humanity for generations." (Ekpo,Juliet.E)



 The church is a building many believe to be used for Christain worship by a group of people of the same faith or believe. It's a building wherein they gather as a group thus a sign of identification amongst themselves. Consequently, they thus gather together to show commitment towards a goal that is agreed by all those in the group, thus they are a group of persons with a specific goal and aspiration in life. Many of them feel that it's the scriptures that has brought them together, and this is equally not the truth but only a claim by these set of persons thus their claim is only a means of bringing them together as a group. What they all are unconscious of is the fact that there's homongenity in all of them thus gather in each of those building, something has drawn them together as a group, thus birds of the same feather flock together.

It's therefore not a coincidence that the are all together whether in a drinking joint (thus a pub) or in a musical concert.The fact is there's homogenity in their spirits thus their being together and agreeing to unite for the purpose. A critical look at these persons lifestyle will prove why they are thus gathered together. Their inner thoughts is also one of the reasons why they are thus gathered and though many claim that they are there for the worship of the creator, its a lie from the pit of hell as its not for the upliftment of their souls, but a continuation of their deceptive lifestyles on earth thus a cover up for more sins to be indulged in,consequently,  the so called building of christaindom is a continuation in religion of the world's system thus it's inability to produce fruits of righteousness, through souls departing from sins but an apendage of the worldly lies in compromising sin through doctrines, dogmas and traditions of men.

The powers that be on earth are still the ones in control but this time through religion thus its a tool in the hand of satan to further his rulership on earth. The foundation is lies, falsehood and deceit hence the result is ungodliness, consequently, why souls who petronise churches are unable to gain salvation as the creator cannot and will never dwell in building buillt by the hands of men, should and when he decides to dwell in anything, it will be in what he as the creator created not what man made. Thus, that building can't house the creator but there's is something that can and its soul, for only in soul can and will the creator indwell as that's from his essence and this is why soul cant die but transcends through space and beyond time and space thus to continue on a journey to consciousness for in reality what the creator seeks are pure souls worthy of being his abode thus his temple and pillars in creation and this can not be found in all that issues from man but only that which comes from him.

The truth concerning the church and all other places of worship on earth is just an extention of the system of the world to further enslave the human souls on earth through the mind control system and that of christain furthers this cause by telling all and sundry not to question but to believe even when they need to understand and this is wrong for even the creator desires that we understand and know him and his will thus its now time to tear off the vail of darkness that covers you as soul and seek your creator to know not in the norms, dogmas and traditions of men but in all of life, in your thoughts, words and deeds every minute of your life will then naturally be a worship and praise to him as then you will have more understanding as to why you are created, who you are and why you are on earth? Consequently, you whom he God created will fulfil your purpose thus be the true temple of God Almighty. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


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