"Youth, the time of ripening, young and many times in a state of confusion with no one tin look up to for guidiance and advice. Body and hormonial changes brings more uncertainities, desires coupled with wondering and pondering questions hidden from the gaze of others. Answers not finding. Seeking only true love and not gething it turns to things inglorious. This is not the way out but the path that leads to destruction. Take hold of wisdom oh youths on earth and from her life's secret and directives in even choices she will bestow on you." (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


The time of growing from childhood, predominately a time of activity and productivity is the time of youth. It is during this period that the child's formative character is highlighted thus its a very important growing up process and is not to be triffled with. This period calls for a lot of guidiance and direct communication with parents and care givers as its during this period that the child's positive and negative attributes are highlighted and the child's personality moulded either towards the positive things of life or the negative ones. In view of this, this period in ones life is very important and if not handled carefully can lead to sorrows in life later. Youths globally are adviced to be careful during this period of life especially in the choices they make as their choices whether in friends,or other things on earth like music, clothes and even educational persuit will either make you or mar you thus either lead you to become a responsible member of the citizen of the earth or an irresponsible one.

Therefore as youths be careful even in the choice of friends you make and keep on earth as whether you believe it or not the type of friends you keep influences you a lot either negatively or positively. Let wisdom guide you when you desire to have friends on earth as your peer groups affect the things you do and the choices you make in your life thus your future is in your hands but you must be careful especially with friends  and acquantance. The best friend every youth should have is God as he will not guide you in the wrong path then your parents if they are persons with God's fear will take their responsibility serious and due to the fact that they love you will always seek whats best for you thus don't run away from them, learn to share your problems, fears, aspirations, dreams and ambitions with them and if you encounter problems on earth, please talk with your parents not peers as peers will give you wrong advices in life. If you make God your chief advicer and your parents his deputy you will not be dragged.

in life to the shores of eternal regret and you will be a happy person in future but if you decide to rebel against first God then your parents then know that you are digging your early grave on earth with your own hands and sorrows will assail you much even before the grave takes you in its claws. Though youths globally today are faced are faced with a lot of difficult decisions and together with the body changes that they're going through compounds their already confused minds more,they desire to be left alone to take independent decisions and thus want detachment from parents in order to cling to peers, they must be careful as they actually do need the space, some level of privacy but not to completely lock out their parents, they need to talk things out with parents and see if they're gething it right. Parents on their own part must realise that the child is growing and guide and advice, encouraging in the good things the choice giving them their respect in choices made and when mistakes are made correct.

are to be corrected in love though with firmness and discipline as they must understand that this is a trumatic period for the youths thus its not rejection from parents or care givers that they need but though firm, love from you. The importance of God during this period can not be over emphasis but he is the pillar for your success as youths as due to the fact that this is a trumatic period in ones life, there is need to go to him in prayers and devotion so that he can give you a sound mind when taking decisions and thereby take wise decisions in life. Do not triffle your youthful days away by making bad choices in life as the saying that states thus: 'birds of the same feather flock together' and 'show me your friends and l'll tell you who you are. 'This is because in consonance with the will of God, light attracts light and you cant be a light carrier and then you sit in the council of the wicked.

If you're found in the midst of the wicked then you invariably have some level of wickedness in your soul and you need to do something decisively about thus your choice of friends is very significant as the kind of friends you have and keep around you is part of your personality and nature, so is equally the choice of clothes you wear and other things inherent in your life.

Addiction is when something overwhelms an individual thus cant be controlled and thus the individual finds difficult to stop, most often its harmful to the persons health and overall well being thus addiction of any kind or manner is not something that is good. It's a terrible things to have in anyone whether an adult or youth and should be curbed immediately because of its negative effects and impacts not only on the individual but the society at large. The great danger today is that many youths are addicted in one vice or the other: some to drugs, alcohol, masturbation, pornography, fornication, prostitution and sexual immorality. Many youths into these things in the process of seeking societal acceptability from peers and the society at large.

Many youths are led ignorantly into addictive lifestyles thus step into something unconsciously that is beyond their understanding and to get out of it becomes a big problems thus people with addiction especially youths need help and not rejection because this is what led them into it in the first instance and a times what they really need is love and when they don't get it especially from the home, they turn outside to the society to get it, thus they become rebells Consequently, youths with addiction problems should be helped by their parents, first through communication then through gething them professional counsellors and rehabilitation if its drugs related and of course it must be noted that addiction leads youths to crime so in order to raid the society of criminals there's the need to immediately curb the society of the menace of youth addiction globally. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


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