"Youths at heart and in age, indecision on the mind most times but beautiful choices make if guided rightly. The time of youth one of beauty, passion, and faith. Shine earth youths, not only in your comportment but in diction, music, fashion and all you do as even in your dress code as in all you do, your personality and nature is thus identified." (Ekpo,Juliet.E) YOUTHS AND FASHION IN THE SOCIETY By Ekpo,Juliet.E. Youth a times of growing from childhood, predominately, a time of activity and productivity. It is during this period that the child's formative character and nature is highlighted thus a very important growing up process and not to be triffled with. This period calls for alot of guidance and direct communition as its during this period that the child's positive and negative attributes are brought to play. The youths thus usually need guidiance in form of advice so as to be able to face the challenges of life later on, thus with love and care, youths are given a helping hand by parents or care givers as the case maybe in order to mould their characters. The moral values of the home plays a very important part in their growing process as its through these values that they'll either become responsible citizens of the larger society or miscrants causing pain and bringing untold hardship to others in the society. This calls for great care on the guidance and parents of youth on earth as the task ahead of them is a heculian one but with love can be achieved that their children are careful in their choice of friends, music books and even in the manner in which they speak for the kind of choices made whether it is believed or not makes or mars a person on earth. Thus wisdom needed when youths choice though whatever takes their fancy becomes a big market for the investors in those things. So whatever is trendy for youth immediately becomes a source of revenue, this is true of music and fashion most especially but youth are admonished to look critically when wanting societal acceptance for that's many of them do.This ought not to be for what maybe trendy in the society may not suit your personality hence you should not in a bide to be accepted by your peers join the band wagon as the majority in most instances are directed by a sense of passion instead of that of reason,The youth are advicee not to follow trendy fashion in the society as this may not be in line with their personality and nature and instead of giving you the respect and self esteem you deserve bring and expose you to danger and abuse therefore youths are herein adviced to dress in a modest, simple and responsible manner befiting of your social status but let your dress code stand out through your choice. of colours and make sure you blend your colours properly thus do not just mix colours randomly but note and combine the colours to agree. Colours are relevant in that your colours speaks volume of you and the kind of person you are. You must equallw note as a youth that there are different dress code for different occassion and dress in that light. When attending formal occassion, dress in a formal manner thus for the male its not adviceable to put on jeans, knickers and T-shirts, as this is an informal dress code and therefore not appropiate for the occassion.The female gender have a wider range in fashion than their male counterpart but should equally take the above advice in addition to this they are to choose shoes that blend with there dressing and are at the same time comfortable thus gives you comfort. Do not wear things that makes you uncomfortable whether in clothes or accessaries which include jeweries and perfumes as this also speaks about your personality on earth as the way you are dressed on any occassion makes you stand out and either repels or attracts other persons to you so its equally a sense and means of drawing persons of like personality and nature. Different regions differ in the way they dress and this is beautiful as there is a rich blend from all this region that speaks volume about earth dwellers, therefore, learn and take from other regions in terms of fashion and equally introduce yours to your peers thus let fashion equally be a medium of interaction and unity thus spread love through fashion.(Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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