"Youth, a time of awakening but this must be done wisely. Technology comes to aid man but not to replace him,good indeed, many benefits to man it brings,but equally can lead to the shores of no return if not used as it ought to be as a tool and not a replacement. Youths must understand the difference and take not the gadget as a replacement for there is need for him to use the tool as a master and not turn the tool to be his master. Youths have turned the gadgets to their master and left the things they need to do in order to achieve success for the gadgets. More time spent there in frivolious issues not benefiting to their future endeavours thus they goals not achieving. Disappointment their global state as even with the gadgets, satisfaction not achieved. The answer lies in time management, for the time spent on gadgets is too much and other important issues suffers thus pain to the youths bring themselves." (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


Youths today globally are so engross in the use of gadgets that many things in their lives today are suffering as a result of this and if its not addressed on time will be an issue that will no longer be able to be redeemed as the great harm it will cause will filter to other generations. It is for this reason that the need for its menace to be curbed is necessary as alot of harm is already being caused not because the gadgets is an evil tool as some persons believe but because the youths spend too much time with its use to the detriment of other things they ougit to do in live as youth as all of life is a learning process. A gadget can be said to be a small tool used as a machine that has a particular function but is often thought of as quite unique, thus gadgets are electronics, like television sets, smart phones, laptops, etc.

The use of gadgets is not bad as it has both positive and negative values and also can impact both positively and negatively not only on youths but on the whole society if not checked. The excessive use of gadgets has very negative impact on any given society especially the youths who spend their whole time on it at the expense of other valueable things like their studies and some form of recreation to build their minds positively, of course gadgets can be used to enhance educational persuits but it can not replace the need for youths to study and be hard working even at home to do domestic chores. The time spent by many youths on social media by youths can better be spent on more productive ventures to enhance their future.

Youths are adviced that even if they want to spend time on gadgets especially on smart phones with friends they should not spend all the days of their life there but manage their time there properly and equally do other things as today the education of youths is experiencing a downward trend in standard as a result of this and this is not of value to either the youths, this is not the only reason for the dwindling standard of education but the one responsible for it among youths globally. The use of gadgets by youths in any given society should be done under the guidiance of parents or care givers thus properly monitored as even what youths watch should be censored by parents and care givers in order that their morals and values are the right and proper ones to inculcate the right morals in them as youths not only for their individuals benefits but for the benefit of the society at large.

The type and many of friends should equally be monitor even the ones on social media in order not only not to corrupt their minds and moral values but equally to protect them as youths from dangers especially from perverts in the society and those who will abuse them sexually or even desire to kidnapp them as sex slaves or for child labour purposes. Today, the danger is greater as youths are being conscripted by terrorist into their gangs unknowingly through social media and this is a great danger not only to the youths and their family members but to the society at large thus there's the need for parents to keep an eagle's eye on their children on  basically all that they do especially on social media, even the kind of movies that youths watched should be censored and violent and sex related movies kept away from them until they are old enough if they desire to do so, they do. The curious minds of youths not with standing,they must be allowed to be adventurous on those things that have moral values as this will build them up to be responsible individuals in the society in future.

The guidiance of parents in the use, control and monitor of gadgets by youths can not be over emphasised as if left unguided youths will become a problem to the society through it though that's not the intent of having it in the home. Youths should be taught its use but guided in it as they as youths must learn to use it with wisdom as with everything that concerns life should they desire to forge ahead and progress in all their earthly endeavours. The challenge is not only that of the youths globally but for all stake holders even in the industries where these gadgets are manufactured, educationist, parents, care givers and the society as a whole that all hands must now be on deck to make sure that these gadgets do not and are not used as tools to destroy youths or endanger now and in the future. The wise need but a word to make positive changes but the fool walks away ignorantly from wisdom. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


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