'Music is the food of the soul, many persons believe and the youths in any given society, a force to be identified with' Is it true? Your guess is as good as mine. ( Ekpo,Juliet.E)


Music can be said to be a vocal or instrumental sound or both combined  in such a way as to create beauty and harmony thus its expresses emotions and ideas, it is as a result of this an intrinsic part of human life in any given society. Youth on the hand is a time when one is you hence they are very important in the scheme of all human endeavors as their population gives them this importance, therefore one can not undermine their importance. They as a result bring in the bulk of all human revenue and resources on earth. Due to their importance all and sundry are forced to recognize them as whatever they're into or whatever takes their fancy in the society automatically must be given due importance as they spend not only time but resource on such. Consequently, today the things most youths fancy make revenue for their various nations, and one of those things they fancy greatly is music and though music is in different genres, its not all of the genres of music that most of them fancy.

Depending on the country and the social acceptance of such music, many youths love hip pop music and today. R/B is the favorite of most youths, there are a few of them who love other genre's like christian or blues but because majority of them all over the world fancy that genre of music whether the rest of the people do or not its generally insignificant. This is to underline the fact that what they choose in any given society is automatically given a mark of recognition and acceptance. Thus even in the various government of the day, its the youths who put those in power there as they form the crop of the population, they invariably decide who takes the mantle of leadership finally. There's no democratically elected government that was not put in the corridors of power by the youth of the society. thus its a fault for any society to ignore its youth. Music is the food of the soul many persons on earth affirm, Why? Music touches the inner soul of man thus music is one of the language of soul,

for this reason music is a very important tool of unity as music is a unifying force on earth but there are different genres of music, each unique and special in the message it brings to the persons. Many genres of music whether local or international has a message to deliver and today music is a good source of income for many because the youth patronize the musicians of such music thus its not only a uniting force but also a source of employment and revenue thus the genre of music that one ventures into equally has a great significance as it equally dictates its acceptability in the society. This is one of the major reason why the love of music cannot be trampled with as its importance is over whelming in the affairs of earth dwellers as its equally a source of healing for those who know the right genre to turn to for such healing to effectively take place.

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