"The body and flesh is all that man sees of his fellow man,but man is more than flesh and blood. Man is soul thus all of humanity embody the interaction of souls brought together from different planes of manifest and the earth plane the only plane made possible for it.Why is soul given a body to dwell with and why is soul hidden from the naked eyes of all?Soul unconsciousness has warranted this need thus in view of this, the Almighty decides in his infinite mercy and nature to grant soul an opportunity of gaining consciousness thus why man is born on earth and depending on his activities takes either the male or female gender"   (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


 FROM WHENCE COMES SOUL?  The entering into the earth plane of all souls take on a body,either that of the male or female depending on its assigned activities on earth as if its subtle, the female body will be assigned to it and when not that of the male, this is equally from a realm unknown to man but lies within the spiritual boundaries of creation. Immediately, the female egg and the male sperm fuse is not when the soul inhabits but later on in the course of growth of the foetus in the mother's womb, and the entrance of the soul from whatever largely depends on the thought patterns of the mother, the manner of persons she spends most of her time with during this period and are environment thus the people she clings to during this period as well as her thoughts are of great importance and this calls for wisdom on the part of would be mothers to be careful of not only their inner thoughts but those they mingle with and their environment when pregnant least they will attract ignoble souls from dark realms on earth.

Therefore, would be mothers are herein adviced to be very careful when they are pregnant as many souls from the dark realms desire to come to the earth plane while only a few souls emanate from the higher realms so its most likely that depending on their disposition, they'll attract ones from the lower realms hence the multiplicity of more evil souls thus wicked souls as against good and pure ones to the earth. Many of the souls in the lower realms long for the opportunity to return to the earth instead of remaining there as this is an opportunity if they can utilise well will be of great benefit to them as soul.Soul does not and can not die this is due to the fact that soul is an intrinsic part of the Almighty God thus continues to exist even when a person is said to have died, the soul of that person still exist but journeys to the boundaries beyond the physical and stands at the court of judgement, depending on its activites on earth as soul, it will either be allowed by the angels that man these boundaries to continue towards the great to the luminous heights thus stand at the boundaries of the gates of heaven thus its a worthy soul befitting entrance into the heavenly realms or it will stand still at the court of judgement unable to ascend on high and thus unworthy thus the angels will thrust to the lower realms of darkness as its works on earth were not good but evil. Ever in this state,soul is not dead, the owner of soul is God Almighty and only he can destroy soul thus at death, he takes soul to various realms according to its works while on earth and again allows it to experience further but why does he do this? It is because soul is part of his essence as God Almighty, thus must be given all opportunities to be conscious as soul in reality is still unconscious.

MANY EARTH LIFES GRANTED TO SOUL Due to this state of unconsciousness,souls are granted many earth lifes to gain consciousnes, thus all \women have visited the planes of the earth many times as because of the fact that soul does not die,the Almighty only made created certain realms for it to dwell until his appointed time thus all mem\women have visited the earth several times and the unique aspect is that the memory of each past life is erased in order to encourage soul to strive on to consciousness. This is done as an aid to soul as if allowed to gaze into the previous earth life the soul will not strive. The truth is that there is resurrection though many school of thought will like to refute it as all soul come and go and then return to continue from whence they previously stopped depending on the works they put into existence as soulAgain, the creator in his infinite mercy always sends helpers from the luminous heights as aid to help seekers of the truth through the message they bring from there.

This is to aid them find their feet as darkness envelops creation but within the souls of this ones though few is a light seeking the truth through the message from the helpers, their soul will be lit and the flame of the radiance of the truth will further light their path from the darkness thus liberating their souls unto higher things and higher realms of manifest. This activity is natural and nothing can stop it and as the souls of these ones continue to glow in radiance though they be few thats how their souls is taking its journey to the threshold of consciousness thus the path of bliss, joy, peace, and life eternal. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)

What is soul?, Is there resurrection or not?, The path to consciousness,

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