"Warning in the air, what does it mean?signals of something that's inevitable in man's history. The inevitable signals,are pointers to something in the air. What's the inevitable signals and what's inevitable about it?Man's actions invariably draws him towards a path designed unknown by him on earth. The actions of earth dwellers brings an inevitable signal to him that he's an architect of all that assails him on earth, and it cant be any other way as the culmination of all man's action on earth brings not the solution he expects but the inevitable signals towards retrogression instead of progress. Man's desire for progress has a path that he must follow.Is he ready to take the bull by its horns in order to avert the inevitable signals at his threshold or ready to face it squarely? If ready what does it potend? Find out in this unique master piece of this era."


 The inevitable signals across nations, races, religions, cultures are resounding more loudly as the days go by, and they are not reducing their tempo in any form, but instead are increasing it. There's tension everywhere as uncertainity fills the air from coast to coast, and none is sure of the next step. This inevitability assailing mankind is of his own making as he has brought this uncertainity upon him through his actions not only to his fellow man, but equally to other spieces including the plants and even the firmaments of the earth, thus the earth's surface shakes, thereby, resounding and warning to all earth dwellers, though they have refused to listen, hear thus hid the warning signals of their inevitable destruction of themselves. The first step to undoing the inevitable signals is to turn on the positive things as against the negative that many are apt to do thus even in thoughts, many earth dwellers must re-direct their thoughts on positive and pure thoughts, thereby, create a positive atmosphere on earth else there's a likelihood of all the negative thoughts, words and action plunging humanity into a further abyss of destruction of almost all of humanity including other species on earth. The next step is to correct all the effects of these already negative imputs in all social strata and then make effective only those things that brings positive impacts and benefits to not only humanity but other species also in the light that the destruction is not only of himself but also others aside himself thus putting aside self for the benefit of all and sundry including the firmament and survive of the earth's structure thus even the foundation of the earth. Today, all earth dwellers only seek what benefits them as individual unmindful of others and the harm to others, even the world leaders think in this light and as long as they do then there's no solution in view to the uncertainity plaguing humanity and thus there's only a deep further of the inevitable signals to the shores of no return thus destruction of not only himself but other species that have life forms including eventually the earth itself.Humanity must make a resolution towards the positive and pure thus must drop all the negative thoughts, words and actions as they are apt to put up today else their path to progress is a futile one as there are spiritual laws put in creation by the creator unknown to man that guides creation including man.
  The inevitable signals that points to the upsurge of evil, invariably, violence, sickness, disease, pain, plagues, destruction of lifes and properties, death, thus an increase in the evil embeded in the hearts of the majority of earth dwellers not only towards one another but equally to other species,and even towards the earth plane, given to him as a gift by the creator with the instruction that he nurture and care for it but rather than adhere to it decides to rebell thus take the path of rebellion but his rebellion will only bring him his inevitable destruction as since from him emanates the evil, he will bear the consequencies, invariably, it must return to him, it can't be any other way as this is why the creator put the spiritual laws thus to make sure that its no other way, but its unfortunate that other species including the earth plane must suffer this fate along with him but its never too late to redress the situation if man wills it but mankind is stubborn and thus he will fall into that very abyss he was trying to avert in life. Invariably, the inevitable signals are telling man that it's time to make amends or face global extinction. It's that serious though humanity today is not conscious of it but thats the path that life is taking earth dwellers unless they quickly and swiftly make a u-turn thus save themselves from the impending doom. The key lies in man's hands but what he'll do with it, will equally determine whether there'll be a continuation of life on earth or not, and also if the earth plane will be or cease to be. The clock ticks and slowly ebbs at the importance of the times we now dwell, and man better take the right decision as this time is like no other for there will no longer remain even the planes of the earth for man to inhabit if he continues in the manner he is today. Time to correct the already damage earth and other things is now as to do nothing is to succumb to the inevitable signals of the end of all life forms. (Ekpo,Juliet.E)

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