"Many are of the believe that the bedrock of success in life is education. Is this claim correct or just a figment of man's imagination. Education truly benefits all strata of human endeavours but its not the only bedrock to success as there are others aside it, thus good indeed as it not only goes out to ennoble the intellect but also the character of an individual. Therefore, any individual who is educated is refined intellectually and in personality but this is not always true as many are though said to be educated not so but only educated illitrate due to the fact that they did not pass through the path that leads to educational success. What then is this path? Is it a school or institution of learning as many believe?Herein lies the answer to a question that has bothered many for centuries. Here comes many unanswered questions relating to education and success in education." (Ekpo,Juliet.E)


WHAT IS EDUCATION? Education is said to be the precess of facilitating learning,thats the acquisition of knowledge,skills,values,beliefs and habits thu the development of the abilities of the mind and controls the transmission of value system thus seeks to mould the human spirit.It can therefore be said to be the process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge thus the development of the process of learning and thereby the powers of learning thus that of reasoning and judgement ant through this prepare the individual for maturity and the challenges associated with it.It therefore seeks to process the thought patterns of individual or the way humans think and behave in order that it conforms with the standard in the society.It must however be noted that standard of the society are always put in place by a selected few to benefit themselves not the larger society as many think, thus, the selected few,invariably,the elite use it as a tool to furthesr benefit the aim and goal with the purpose of benefitting themselve hence they fund the educational institutions to amass wealth and only their elite class children can afford the best of these institutes thus its a game field also for the capitalist oriented system of the world for the benefit of a selected few in the society to maintain status quo. This not with standard, the masses can harness from it as earlier mentioned education can benefit the larger society if its not with the selfish interested of the selected few and not with the intent to control the minds of the populace as in reality, it has great benefit for the human race if properly put in place by its stake holders.

THE SUCCESS PATH Many earth dwellers are of the believe that it is only with education that an individual can succeed on earth. This is not the truth as there are many individuals who have walked the planes of the earth without education yet succeeded in their endeavours in life and lived fulfilled lives as individuals. This is not however to say that education is not a good venture, it is in its right perspective and not in the wrong one, one of the wrong ones being the desire in its use to control the thinking patterns of human beings thus without this the importance of education can't be over emphasised as its a great assert for an individual if properly harnessed by both the individual and the society at large. In view of this, there is equally the need for it to be followed properly for an individual to succeed therein, thus, there's a path to be followed educationally for one to achieve success. The individual who seeks to pursue the path of education with a view to achieve success must understand the intricacies therein thus the technique to educational success and equally realise that the path to success is a thorny one that requires self effort and determination in order to reach its goals thus for the individual who desires success in its educational persuit, the person must arm itself with discipline as this is the first task to manage time as time constrian dictates so and then equally with determination acquire the skill to study and learn thus the individual must be hard working and pain takingly face the subject matter with perseverance and patience, thus take a step at a time in acquiring the educational skills to success thus strive for excellence educationally. If the individual persistantly maintains this routine over a period of time, he\she will not only achieve success but the individual will be a happy person as it fulfils one of its achievements in life.

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