MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 1)

RA; Ra had from infinity made a decision unknown to others that he alone rules in the affairs of all things thus he alone not a being but the other celestial beings disagree and thus a long pact of agitation occurs and Ra being all knowing, ultimate and supreme closed the path to other beings having the overall supremacy. The other beings were not in agreement with this authoritarian stand of Ra and so they equally decided to weild various kingdoms of theirs thus rules as gods. Ra with full knowledge of this allows this as he is all knowing and they not. In consonance with this many out of the infinite powers bring to being realms of theirs in different planes and bring it to form in line with their powers thus refusing to be subjected to the supremacy of Ra,but can this be possible? Will the great Ra with all his power allow other beings overcome his supremacy? Or will he fight?

Ra is conscious that none can overcome him should a battle ensure in the celestial realm between he, the infinite force and the other beings but the beings are not all knowing as he and so don't know the magnitude of his power and strength unless wait a moment, they decide suppose they all combine their energies together against, Ra what will be the effect and outcome? The council of the beings gather to weild power greater than that of Ra but is this possible? Is it possible to oust  great Ra from his position of supremacy and make him insignificant in the scheme of things. They decide to give it a try despite opposition from some of the beings, many think ra too authoritarian thus the need to curb his power, unknown to them that great Ra has tapped into their energies and is aware of all the schemes but in silence follows the plan for his ousting into oblivion.

The council of higher beings sat in consultation,dialoguing on ways and steps to oust great Ra from his exalted position and one of them asked,who is he to think himself greater and higher than the rest of them? Zeus at this point challenges the being who asks.   
Zeus:"And you who questions great Ra ,who are you to raise such a question in this council. Horace challenges Zeus as he is the one who questions the infinity of great Ra.     Horace:l, and l alone can in this council question both Ra and you.         
 Zeus:"Then you are yet to know your place in this council." Horace:"And if l ask or tell you that l am greater than both Ra and yourself. What will you say? Or let me answer for you. You'll say that Ra is the greatest, followed by you but l am here to prove l,Horace, the great celestial being am the greatest of all celestial beings and l will prove it not only to you but to all celestial beings as l now challenge you Zeus to prove otherwise."

Silence pervades the celestial realms as this was not the purpose and intent of the meeting and this challenge must now be addressed as their inert qualities as celestial beings include bravery,power,eloquence,sublimity amongst others and challenges must be redressed with prompt attention,this causes great upheaval amongst the beings which leads to contentions,arguementand divisions,the main reason for the meeting is set aside and not the discussion for the ousting of great Ra the issue but Horace challenge of supremacy,they strive to resolve but none can perceive the architect behind the challenge but he who knows all,is all and is in all for Horace does not speak his mind and will but Ra's.The council is thrown into disaray as each departs as this challenge must clearly be decided at the battle field of power and strength to prove in ernest who wields the greatest power.
In the battle for supremacy,there will definitely be causalties and they are unaware that the one at the fore front is none other than Ra,the one they all seek to oust who is playing a game with their minds and wills consequently,rather than in unity fight against him,they in disunity fight against one another, with this at work,can the great Ra be ousted?

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 1) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 1) Reviewed by julie sasha on December 31, 2017 Rating: 5

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