The aim and objectives of Sasha Foundation is basically to give hopeless kids, hope from abandonment.It is aimed at giving children a home from the streets thus that their lives will be better as against them being on the streets. The start up of the kids is 5-10 kids and as funds come in, l will increase it. their age range is not my concern as long as they are kids.        The streets of Calabar, Cross River State of recent is lined up with kids who pick from the dustbin to eat and are devoid of any form of love, care or hope thus many are now resulting to stealing, while some are used by irresponsible individuals to perpetrate all manner of crimes,some are even used as sex slaves and kidnapped for evil purposes.This is not unique to only Cross River state but Nigeria and the world at large but this will be my start off point as this is where l currently reside. Babies many atimes are abandoned at dustbin to die without anyone caring and this beats my imagination.

The fact remains that kids are gift from the Almighty God thus should not be treated in such a cruel manner by the society. We as members of the foundation have decided to take the bull by the horn. In line with this observation, l, Sasha Foundation consciously decided to take the bull by the horn by giving them a home as tears fill my eyes when l see this things and l am conscious its a global situation, so l want to start from my locality and then spread it globally even outside Nigeria as the funds enable me thus l am please inviting well meaning individuals to partner with me on this noble enterprise as there's no profit in it because we will be investing on individuals and the betterment of human beings for the future thus its an investment in human resource as l will consciously monitor the children and empower those who need to be empowered.


  • To give hope to the hopeless especially children on the street globally       
  • Vision:
  • To get many children off the streets and empower them for the challenges of the future thus reduce the crime rate drastically globally.


  • 1. Funds 
  • 2. Accomodation 
  • 3. Feeding      
  • 4. Medical     
  • 5. Education 
  • 6. Empowerment
The take off of the foundation requires the following.         
1. A rented 2 bedroom apartment with amenities. as funds come in the foundation will buy 2 plots of land in the area and a perminent structure comprising of the foundation office and the residential quarters will be errected. Their residential quaters will be a 5 bedroom apartment with 2 toilets and bathrooms, a kitchen and a lounge where games will be played by the kids. the kids are to be computer literate so there will be 2 computer systems in the home for them.  
Other needs include clothes, foodsuff, stationaries necessary learning aids etc.

The major challenge right now is funds as accommodation must be provided, they must be fed and sent to schools. and those needing skills, empowered in the relevant skills. I am using the blog and the proceeds together with sponsors as means to achieve this project. Their basic needs being accommodation-To have a home setting. Feeding-Food will be purchase as many of the kids are already malnurished thus need food supplements and well balanced diet. so we will usethe knowledge of nutritionist and medical personel. Education-The children will be sent either to public or private schools within the locality they are accommodated to save transportation to school and for easy access.I will liason with the school authority in this direction in order to monitor their progress. Fees, books and school needs will be provided to them from these funds. Medical- The foundation will be registered with computent medical practitioners so the health of the kids are taken care of when the need arises.

The medical bills will equally be paid for by the foundation

Empowerment- Some of the kids will want to acquire skills together with their education and thus they will be sent to acquire such skills whlie those who desire a university education will be sent to there under the guardianship and sponsor of the foundation.The home will be theirs until they acquire theirs and move on in life in their various fields of human endeavours.The children will be brought up in the Christian way of love God, for all peoples globally,animals and all creatures on earth in countries where Christianity is practiced and in the major religion of the particular nation when we go global.

Please you are invited to be a part of our team as a donor either in terms of items for the kids or in monetary terms and you can as a donor monitor how what you give are used. Thank you and please put a smile on the face of kids, donate to SASHA FOUNDATION.


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