"The self is here and now.It is the only reality.There is nothing else" Ramana Maharishi

In the story of the six blind mem of Hindustan,each one described one of the elephant's attributes in isolation.They perceive a wall,a snake,a spear,a tree,a rope and something else.They couldn't all figure out that they all examined an elephant.

Metaphorically,we are these blind people in search of our true self.It is time to make sure that we do alot better than them.God wants us to come home.This world,life and all those we associate with are the means of gething there.If you are reading this article,it then means that you are likely a spiritual traveller like us and you have dreams and aspirations to live in a  better world,but how,you ask.What exactly should be our mission?Will we make enough money following our heart?Should we stay in a job that supports us economically but destroys our soul?Are we allowing others abuse us in the name of spirituality?Relax God's instructions are clear enough.It takes just a little practice and openness to receive  the message that life wants to communicate to us.

There is a red thread weaving through the fabric of our life story that is clearly visible to every spiritual traveller.Find it and follow it.Life starts cooperating when we embrace our idiosyncratic mission,we get access to information that to others would seem like magic.Planet earth and those we associate with show us the way to discover our true self.

We should take our mission seriously but shouldn't take ourselves too serious.God can save the world if he wants.The 19th century mystic Sri Ramakrishna states thus;"we need life's problems to realise that we are trapped in an illusory."This is the opposite of what we think.

When we face our mission,we then have the opportunity to set our true self free.Life is designed to have that inpact on us.God's world of Maya was created to assist us out of the illusion,with this perception,everyone we meet everyday happily shows us the way.

The six men from Hindustan lacked the vision to discover the elephant,and we are similarly blind-sighted by our fears,expectations and conditioning.We want to help,we abhor the greed and poverty that we see everywhere,and desire to see everyone better off.

That's all quite all right,but everything that we see and experience are illusions.It is a world of make believe.The people in the richest countries of the world are not happier than those in poorer nations,hard as this is to imagine,not to speak of believing it.What makes us happy is the knowledge that we matter,that we are embedded in a network of caring people who look out for each other.

Most importantly What makes us truly happy is to be in touch with god every step of the way. Finding our life mission and embracing it will bring up meaning and happiness. do not worry how prestigious one path will be over another. whatever passion, purpose and talents comes to you personally to actualise. God will show you the way to achieve it. This world was created by God to set us free.

Do not worry how prestigious one path may appear over another. Whatever passion,purpose and talent comes to you personally to actualise. God will show you the way to achieve it. This world was created by God for us to set us free. Life here is in order that our mask be ripped off to enable us see all the baggage that we still carry around. Life encourages us to let go, in order that we can then live in the best of all worlds. We can help the world with our talents just as much as the world helps us to find God on the battle field of life. God can be found everywhere.The process of awakening as soul can be a magical one or otherwise but this is just the initial stage and does not neccesarily mean that the complete baggage is off but luckily it turns out that with every spiritual promotion,our spiritual renumeration rises proportionally and that in the battle field of life,help is always given.

and it is this battle field of life that provides the injuries,the healings as well as the transcendence all in one go.We never know exactly what our struggles are all about but God does.Everything is perfect as it is.Face your struggles patiently,discover life's message for you,and embark on the quest you are born to do.Go forth and let your life's mission set you free.The revolution within is the only hope for the world.Discover who you truly are and change the world with it.

A global awakening has started.We are embedded in a network of light workers who lift each other up.Gone are the days when individualism and confusion reigned,like the sad story of the six blind men of Hindustan,John Godfrey Saxe concludes one of his poem thus;"And so these men of Hindustan disputed loud and long.Each in his opinion exceeding stiff and strong.Though each was partly in the right,and all were in the wrong."

Realise and therefore be conscious that the way protects you from the nonsense. Sadhguru says thus; "Without being in constant exchange with the rest of the cosmos,you can not exist."The idea of individuality is an illusion.Spiritual travellers have access to information that others simply overlook.Once the Awakening process gets hold of us,all of life's events and the people we interact with become inter connected.Life is here to set us free.Follow the way.Create the revolution within and use it to change the world to a better place.

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