MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 2)


The celestial realms remained silent for a while upon Horace challenge as none of the beings had even perceived it wise to do so but the realms was passing through Ra's eyes and thus unsettling many things including the beings thus their unconsciousness at play as Ra's gaze throws them off balance and they take his own consciousness to actualise his purpose. This is one of Ra's grand scheme to station himself more powerful than others. Horace had challenged Zeus during the council's meeting to oust Ra the great and this challenged must be addressed at the battle for supremacy.This is the ground on which such issues are resolved.

 This field is meant for  exhibiting the strength and valour of celestial beings when challenges are brought forward and a place of great strength and power, for the power of the beings in all its raminifications is exhibited here. The field or battle field of supremacy is not an ordinary realm but one of great wonders therein the inner powers of not only the beings but of the realms  exhibited. Horace challenge to Zeus is to be resolved here, where both celestial beings are to display their inert povers and supremacy against that of the realm. This is no ordinary realm hence power, strength, mastery, vision and forth rightness need to even cut across the veil to its gates, therefore, the task ahead of the two celestial being is a heculean one but they must accomplish it.

This realm is vested with much povers as all elements therein are imbibed with massive vibrations and high frequencies thus the energies there are much greater than those of other higher realms. To resolve challenges from celestial beings, the beings are taken there to exhibit their strength and valour as against that of that realm as this realm is powerful beyond measure as its a place of strength and power itself, its veil impossible to break,not to talk of opening its gates as Horace and Zeus are about to find out. The secret of the veil is inherent in Ra and none other hence how can any other celestial being penetrate when they lack the know how to. This is because this realm is made up of supra elements beyond that of other beings.In all its ramifications the battle field of supremacy cant be penetrated by any other except one who equally carries the supra energies that make up the realm. Does any of the contenders have what it takes to break the veil?

This is the realm of great wonders like none other of all the realms, all in the realm including even plants are vested with surpa energies that is not available in any other celestial realm.The elements equally carry this and it is this supra energies that both Zeus and Horace must content with using their own inert powers before they can now face each other on its ground against each other and even as at that these supra energies will continue to fight each of the contenders to prove its own supremacy in the face of a battle.

This a place of great power as they must be able to control all the elements in the realm and this can only be possible if their consciousness as higher beings is in consonance with the vibrations within the realm of supremacy.None of the beings is able to pierce the veil of power and greatmess and thereby open the gates of the realms, light rays merges with the celestial waters incoporates that only divine beings of purity through their consciousness can cause the gates to open. Again for the beings who seek to enter these realms and wish its gate be opened, their inability to achieve it spells great doom for them as the light rays combined with purity of the celestial waters raises its own vibration merging with the elements of the divine ones, the one who seeks such is thrown further into oblivion and as such success its only option for to fall,such beings will lose their state of not only purity but divinity and immortality resulting in a great fall from the heighest realms down to that of mortals.

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 2) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 2) Reviewed by julie sasha on January 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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