MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 5)


Ra is a master at the game of celestial masters and others though good at the game of illusion of not only the celestial beings but other realms of manifest.Their focus being to hold unto power,they are perpetually at each others way to prove who is greater than the other but its a dillusive game of importance as they are all to soon find out.
Hera is the unique being beyond the celestial realm and unknown to many on the realms she wield power beyond theirs as she's not only powerful but equally sublime in nature,her purity surmounts that of those in the celestial realms of existence.In silence Hera controls with authority as there's no words in her domain but only silence pervades her whole being and light beyond the imagination of all surrounding worlds.Hera's powers is in the very silence that dwells with her and all that involves her.

What makes Hera so different is not only her immortality and grasping,overwhelming beauty but the power of silence associated with her and that pervades her existence in itself as in this silence is her strength as should she descend to the celestial worlds,even that realm must maintain a state of silence until she departs and Hera never leaves her domain but is however conscious of whats beneath hers and as with her nature does not interfer in their affairs for they do not have the consciousness to reach or affect her worlds,therefore,whatever they do is their business but she is very much aware of whats taking place in the celestial realms beneath hers and smiles because she unlike them knows the truth not only behind the battle field of supremacy but of all realms and all beings and knows that though those there think they are the ultimate,in truth,they are not but thats their level of consciousness and so they live in illusion as do the rest beneath her.Ra thinks himself great as do all celestial beings Hera dwells in silence due to the level of her might and importance and though all of the lower realms beneath hers and that of mortals believe that the ultimate is Ra and even he believes himself to be all knowing and the cause and effect of all,Hera knows better,and that she stands as the conductive channel to all that is thus without her the channel,the universes ceases to be and all beneath her withers like a beautiful plant.Hera,can never allow this to happen,so continuous stands as the bridge for existence but her silence makes the knowledge of her and the realms above her unknown.She cherishes the fact that its that way.That many believe Ra to be the source of life and even he believes it too but Hera allows this as the consciousness of existence permits it so.She must in silence be the bridge and watch the illusion of those beneath her until their consciousess is raised to the level worthy of her.Silence,her powers inhabit and in silence she dwells.The stillness of her very domain is overwhelming The game of power tussel in the realms beneath hers Hera is very familiar with and its not surprising because those beneath her are still at the basic level of consciousness and know no other path than that of gaining power and holding unto it but she in her sublime purity knows they are still at the level of ignorance though they view themselves to be highly knowledgeable.

Their dillusion will inevitably be their undoing she knows,but she must allow them play the game of the masters and amuse herself at their show of power in illusion of power struggle as though she has the wheel power to end it but will rather prefer to see how they are toss through and forth by higher elements than themselves.None of them is real,illusion from their consciousness is at work at the game of the masters,hmmm,they even seeing themselves as masters is part of the game and equally an illusion,but the cat has been let out of the bag,and the question is,who will bail the cat?

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 5) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 5) Reviewed by julie sasha on January 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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