MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 6)


Hera unknown to all the universe is the bridge of life but she stands above all creation and in silence watches the illusion that all refer to as life for Hera as a conscious one is aware that its all an illusion placed there by her and all the struggles for supremacy a dillusion she has decided to achor in existence. Nothing is real until she and the infinite source above her decides it so. So all of the lower worlds are in a state of illusion and Hera enjoys that it is so. That's what makes her though dwelling in silence unique and out standing.There is none like her as she is the gate way to reality but she decides consciously to remain in the background. Every thing beneath her is still in a state of unconsciousness including the beings many rever and worship,great Ra inclusive but who will believe it that in all his might and strength, he is still an unconscious being, none in the worlds beneath Hera, this is what she wants. She out of her very being in the power of silence did it so, as she stands in her own.

worlds of consciousness,purity is maintained thus all the worlds above her remains in the reality of life and purity. Hera can never be defeated or her domain penetrated by any from the lower realms and as a result the power of silence wherein her essence dwells and continues with the infinite source. It is from Hera's consciousness that the lower worlds exists but she has put them under a state of unconsciousness. She will not have them in her worlds of silence,purity and infinity because Hera in her consciousness knows beyond them and as a result pushes them to slumber and unconsciousness unknown to them.They cant find that state until they unite in her very essence which she guards within her own consciousness.

This battle between Zeus and Horace will definitely be an interesting one as both are still in slumber though to their worlds and those beneath them they are highly powerful and so Hera will allow the battle as a form of amusement to her but not to those in these realms and beneath as they are beings worship by mortals and revered by beings like themselves to the utter relish of Hera,she sees the folly of all thats unconscious and in slumber.In the lower realms where the celestial beings abide the battle for survival and supremacy continues with Zeus suddenly making a break through and almost on the threshold of success as he communicates with the elements of stone and water on the battle field of supremacy and tries to have them in league with him to break through the veil but even with this,the veil stands strong and he decides to incorporate airs powers and all these affects the lower realms of mortals without them knowing.

In the world of mortals,many amongst men view Ra as the infinite source of life and so look up to him for survival and worship him with reverence believing him to be the creator of heaven and all things visible and invisible but is this assertion true about Ra?Is Ra the creator or is this equally part of the illusion that Hera put on all worlds beneath hers as a form of check on them polluting hers and those above her.She will under no circumstance allow unconsious beings or element into her domain or above hers as they are impure and as a consequence unworthy of her essence,domain and other realms above hers,she's on guard for this reason and purpose and must furfil her duties at the bridge between reality and illusion. 

Hera will never allow it in any other way or light as to do so will make her very being and realms none existent and irrelevant so her duty is not only to maintain and sustain her realms and those above her in purity but to also keep the lower realms in illusion and Hera takes her duties very seriously as to do otherwise is doom not only for herself and worlds but retrogression of all there is and will ever be.She's a master craftman at illusion as she strongly believes that she and those higher than her are worthy of consciousness while those beneath them are not,she thus fuels them with the dillusion of supremacy and power.They have no power outside that of the illusion she grants them as sleepers for that is all they are to her and sleepers she intends them to continue being though they believe otherwise.Will Hera succeed or is she equally in the state she puts those beneath her?

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 6) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 6) Reviewed by julie sasha on January 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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