MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 7)


Hera could not have maintained her uniqueness unless she has allies to support her and make her stronger by the day in her quest. The illusion that those beneath her realms are put under to believe is life is not life but make believe and it has a counterpart and purpose. This is done consciously by Hera that purity of what is truly life which emanates from her essence is in no way contaminated and only those truly worthy of life find it. The beauty of the outer worlds beneath hers and the mind with the intellect are the great counterparts of  illusion and this is equally designed by not only Hera but those above her as she's not alone though in silence her being permeats power and beauty.

She, through her conscious essence and purity together with those above her intentionally decided that the mind and intellect be the focal point of all beneath them and through this keep all those ones in a state of unconsciousness,ignorance and illusion. In essence the intellect being  becomes a tool of ignorance and keeps the dillusion further at a high level that while the mind reasons that with the intellect it is making progress, the reality is that its furthering its path of ignorance as its main purpose is to enable all who anchor on it and trust it to stay unconscious and never gain consciousness.

The master of the intellect, Lucifera sits enthroned as a master craftsman and granted as such to be the master of all mortals. He as such further has a mastery of the mind and the use of the intellect to put all mortals in a state of unconsciousness and thereby they are his subject and he their master in disguise

Even those who are of the conviction that Ra is their creator as manx mortals believe are in this league of dillusion as even he is and others in the celestial realms. Zeus and Horace continue their battle for supremacy while Ra sits as the supreme being in the celestial realms. Those beneath them worship them as gods with great power and authority but its all a show of dillusion and a stage of unconsciousness. It's designed by higher powers above them, Hera is one of them.

Horace refuses to let go of the challenge as some of the celestial beings admonish him to,as they assert that he ought not to have challenged Zeus in the first instance,they forget that they all are equally guilty as they had all agreed to harness their power and oust Ra out of power.

The fight between the two brings separation amongst the celestial beings and therefore further strengthens Ra's position as supreme ruler of the celestial worlds.Some of the beings though few are in support of Horace as they loath the idea of standing with Zeus but many support Zeus and prefer him but the irony of the whole situation is that they are now faced with the very issue they confronted Ra with and instead of ousting Ra,its themselves they now seek to oust out of power.

The issue is no longer that of gething Ra out of power though it is believed by lower beings that Ra is responsible for this feat,it is not as those who are truly in control are above them even though they dwell in silence. They are super masters when the likes of Zeus are toddlers not even masters, unknown to mortals and not bothered by the lack of knowledge about their existence, they forge ahead in great might and power.

The lower realms on the other hand must grabble with illusions put in place by them with the thought of living life whereas in truth they are unconscious therefore not yet on the journey of life as only in consciousness can life be real but what all realms beneath Hera's world is faced with is the illusive nature thats not life but a mirror to gaze into and relish a dream thats put there by the master of masters sitted above Hera.

Who or what rules above Hera's realms of manifest?Is She in the end equally going to seek the throne above her worlds?Can Hera become the infinite source of existence and what must she do to attain it if possible?

Readers can contribute to the build up of the stories by suggesting answers asked at the end of each episode.

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 7) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 7) Reviewed by julie sasha on January 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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