MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 8)


Isiris watched in retrospect all that recently has been happening in the celestial realms without being involved in the celestial politics for power and authority. He supported none of the two contenders because he has is own devious plans up his shoulders but he needed to perfect it in secrecy because Isiris discovered that no matter what or how the other celestial beings plan, Ra always knew of it and always beats them to the game and that for any succees to be achieved against Ra then others in other realms must be involved.

So Isiris decides to join force with the god of the lower realms Lucifera and the league of unity with mortals will they use to overthrow Ra. Isiris has been secretly communing with Lucifera for the noble enterprise and both have agreed that mortals shall be their tool in the execution of their plan as mortals worship Ra as their God. Lucifera is always desireous of more power and though has billions of mortals serving him equally desires the service of celestial beings and the coming of Isiris to him will give him the opportunity to achieve this.

Lucifera has on desire for allies but since Isiris comes to him with the idea that together they can with the support of mortals overthrow Ra,he agrees as this will further bestow him of more mortal souls as plates,those who worship Ra will invariably become his subjects,added to the souls he has in the underworld,he will truly be powerful beyond measures but Lucifera he will not share power with but at the end of their enterprise will he and those of the lower worlds destroy.

Isiris also like Lucifera equally has conceived plans of his own though wants alliance with Lucifera,its only due to the fact that he does not trust the other celestial beings and views it that the celestial beings are never sincere because how does Ra know about all their council meetings and plans even before its execution,there must be a mole in the council and it may even be more than one and who can it be especially with the consequencies for such a being.His best bet is to trust the one they all know as the arch contender with Ra.

In order for Isiris and Lucifera to succeed according to their plan they must incorporate mortals in their plan and because of this they both agree to take on the form of mortals and dwell in the midst of them despite the fact that they are gods and higher.They must be born into the plans of mortals though they are gods.The ruler of the under world chooses from the dept of his realm the woman and man to be his biological parents out of royalty and wealth and thus amongst the elites,while at the same thine Isiris equally from the celestial realms chooses a family of opulence though not of royalty to be born.Their paths are interweaven and they will cross paths on earth to put their enterprise at work in order to achieve their goal with the help of mortals.Lucifera is not given birth alone on ,he comes with a lot of souls from the underworld to actualise his plan.Isiris on the other hand has come alone but comes with inherent powers from the celestial realms.

His intent is to graft in alot of mortals from a tender age and make them loyal towards him and his course.Those who prove to truly be worthy,he will teach magically arts to bring him others and then those who worship Ra he will equally seek out and take away from him to himself.

He asserts himself to be immortal though dwelling with mortals,he will harness his inherent powers and abilities to use in his achievement but knows that Lucifera will equally be a force to reckon with as he is aware that he is among mortals though they are oblivious of his presence.

Lucifera and Isiris have made their entrance on earth to join league with mortals and displace Ra,but will they with mortals be able to achieve their goals,mortal are only tools to actualise their purpose and its likely, they,as is in their nature will do away with mortals once they succeed but the likelihood of their.

success equally not certain as they are both not sincere with each other and its unlikely they will be with those they are going to use as vessels of their quest for more power because these are gods born as human beings and they have the abilities not only to control the humans but the animals and other elements on earth.

Isiris has inherent in him the ability to hypothse any human that comes close to him with a deep gaze into the person's mind,he is able to cause the person to do his bidding thereby control the mind of the person but such a one must be in his close vercinity,therefore,the only way not to be entrapped by him is not to get close and even as a child born into a home of opulence and wealth,his mother upon giving birth to him,dies and the midwife in panic runs from their country home in Sailsburg,never to be seen again.His father in despair over the loss of his wife cuts his links with many to that of solitary but employs a nurse to join his domestic staff that the boy might be adequately catered for but loaths the child and blames him for the death of his wife.There's something about the boy,he has no words or means of expressing but it frightening thats the simpliest way he can explain it.

Is it possible for Lucifera and Isiris together with mortals to overthrow Ra? Will great Ra fight to hold onto mortals who worship him as god or will he allow the alliance hold?The mortals who are tools only to serve the purpose of the gods,whats their fate in the afterlife?

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 8)   MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 8) Reviewed by julie sasha on January 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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