MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 9) PART 1


The father of Isiris named his son in sorrow and tears Wayne and though his household was busy with guests, he sat aloof in deep thoughts as he had no interest in anything including the child, he will have nothing to do with the child as he gives him chills each time he tries to get close to him, and on one occassion when he sneak into his room to take a secret glance at the horrible creature of a child that took his beloved and beautiful wife Eleana, the child had woken up as he silently walked closer to the baby cot he laid and as he bent, a sharp pain hit his heart from no where and the evil chills he got that night, he'll ever live to remember as the chill sent a very clear and frightening message to his brain, that, you think me evil, but l am more evil than you think. This cause him to flee the room and never venture near the child again. He will nurse the wounds and pains he carries in his heart alone in solitary he decided that very night of terror and horror.

He will have nothing to do with him though his two elder ones and the servants dotted over him as though he'd put some charm upon them to endear himself to him,but not him that angel as they often referred to him is a demon,no, the devil himself in his household.Why he sensed this concerning the boy never ceases to amaze him especially whenever he recalls that day of horror and the feeling from the child that lingers and refuses to depart from his life.

He had on many occassion thought of sniffing life out of the brat,the same way he took his wife's own but each time, the courage to pursue and actualised it failed him and he then decided to distance himself as much as possible from the repulsive creature,as each time he saw him,disguist filled his heart and anger overwhelmed him.

Why anger overwhelmed him about the child,he is yet to find out as this child he sense brings nothing good to his household. He had hired the services of a midwife and a nurse upon the death of Eleana while delivery and his lovely household of joy,laughter and fun turned to one of sorrow,sadness and pain suddenly,it was sunday,that he often wonder in many hows of solitary for though a young man of oplence in Sailsburg and often seen in social life,he withdrew from such life and stay in one of the smallest rooms to nurse the wounds in his heart,but the wounds refused to heal and each day his world became more gloomy as even he could no longer recognised himself.

He is no longer that gentleman of laughter that draws the community of Sailsburg to heart as he'd grown to hate even his own existence.The midwife packed into one of the many rooms in the mansion and there it a connecting door to the baby's own room.He had given specific instruction that all issue concerning the brat be handle by her and that there's no need for consultation with him,and had suggested initally he acquire a place of abode for her and the child,to which she'd frowned and asked why when the boy belonged in his household,he wanted to scream at her at that point but the sudden entrance of his lovely daughter Eliza restrianed him as she flung herself on him in loving hug,she is as beautiful indeed as her mother and the resembalance remarkable,this brings a momentary smile on his face that surprised him and he immediately dismissed the midwife as he wanted to relish this brief moment of joy with his daughter alone because he might not have more in future.

Wayne is clearly a bad omen come to his home,he has no doubt of it and he is hopeless because nothing he can do to turn the clock back,whats his crime that God gave him this as reward,he considered himself a fair,honest,content and God fearing individual but the recent events in his home gives him room to question even if there's God and feel some form of doubt about many things including his faith.No matter how he tried,he just could not understand alot of things around him and life again and why Eleana had to die.A beautiful soul and the joy of many aside he and their two kids.Once moment she was there screaming in agony and pain,and then silence,he stood at the door of her room and every time he entered upon hearing her scream, he was asked to please leave.Why?None could tell him but her deafening silence and moments later the cry of a baby brings a whale of sorrows even when he'd not been told of her demise.

Isiris father's world from that day has never been the same as he later learnt that his beloved Eleana died while delivering the child.He refused to believe it until a few days later when his consciousness hit him when he was asked to name a date for her to be buried,the reality of the situation stared him in the face as the sun rise of a new day and he had to wipe the tears from his heart and boldly make adequate arrangement for his wife's burial.This made him loath the child more as the day dawned on him and so decided that to keep himself from insanity he must distance himself from him totally.

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 9) PART 1 MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 9)  PART 1 Reviewed by julie sasha on January 16, 2018 Rating: 5

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