MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 9) PART 2


Lucifera on the other hand enters the world of mortals as Royalty upon the coast of Britaina as his father holds much power.He is lord of the underworld and chooses them as his parents Katrine the queen delivers a beautiful son for king Edward and the royal household bobbles with joy and activities daily.This is their first son after three daughters and the king is highly elated for he now has a son and an heir to his throne,so Lucius as he is later named enters the world of mortals in great opulence and eloquence.His mother from a tender age dots on him with care and affection,and to her nothing is too good for him and so he attends the best of schools and meets with royalty and the high and mighty from a tender age,he is as a result always having his ways and egocentric as a result of this.Many try to warn the mother from his way but she'll have none question her authority as far it concerns her son.

Lucius is an arrogant individual who sees no good in anyone and due to his

nature and personality but his up bringing equally emblemishes this nature the more and as a result even the domestic help in  the household start wondering as they watch amazed at the little boy they loved at birth turn to a tyrant and bully from a tender age,his father the king equally observes this but views it with indifference as his mother but this will be his undoing for he is unconscious of who the child is but Lucius knows his inner being and is on the verge of doing great harm in the royal home unknown to many,but one of the buttlers had observed with great fright one of the terrors the young lad is capable of and that day has lived evergreen in his memories.

He had gone to help the nurse get some food and drinks in the kitchen as she played in the garden with the child and upon his return kept the meal down and as he wanted to leave after she thanked him heard a child's voice make a frightening statement thus;'And you woman will l sniff the breath out of as you eat that meal,swine of a woman,old and haggard,your heart shall be my meal.'He looked around to see if anyone was around them and none was and stood there for a while to observe,yet no words came from the boy,then he moved closer and he was further thrown into more fright as the boy spoke again loud and clear this time thus;'And your soul will l carve out next from your body.'He quickly walked away as fast as his fibble limbs will allow him.

He could not believe his ears and as he entered the castle,his heart beat increased and he quickly and quitely took a seat in order not to collapse as other domestic help ran to his side with one carrying a glass of water,his vision blare,he tried to speak but no words came out of his month,all his limbs stiffened and he could not breath,one of the domestic help shouted that the doctor should be sent for that he's ill.

Moments later Author died mysterously before the arrival of the doctor and unknown to those inside the castle so had Lucius nurse Martha in the garden.

These strange happenings none linked with little Lucius and none took to heart but both were buried quitely by the king and quickly replaced.The new butler however was a young man from a neighbouring community and a fellower of the great believers as people referred to them,he had only taken the job on the insistance of his parents who say that it will help me to get the message to the royals and wealthy.He thinks otherwise as these group of persons to him are evil and wicked,he could see through them how they treated the poor and less previlege with scorn and ridicule as they feed in opulence and greedy dined and wined.He wanted nothing to do with them but here he finds himself,the irony of life,what and the people he dreads most are now the very ones he must live with and serve with dedication as to serve the king in any capacity was a thing of honour in Britaina.
MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 9) PART 2 MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 9)  PART 2 Reviewed by julie sasha on January 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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