MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 3)


The fall of any celestial being is irreversible and because of this all celestial beings loath the idea of entering the battle field of supremacy because failure on this ground as its entered only once and none of the celestial beings had ever challenged the supremacy of another but it now faces the celestial beings as for they to question the supremacy of Ra is to challenge him on this ground.Ra is the cause and effect of what the celestial beings are now faced with as the one behind the veil and power of this ground is none other than Ra.This is who he is mighty in the field of any challenge as he sets those who rise against him against themselves.Ra plays the master's game on his own terms not there's as they lack knowledge of all elements,vibrations and frequencies while he is all knowing Horace stands majestically at the cross road of the veil to the battle field of supremacy,indeed he is powerful and strong,but Zeus is more knowledgeable of the rules that govern the ground and in line with his consciousness tries to unite all his energies with that of the light rays of the veil but each effort only swings him further. Horace on the other hand tries to study the strength but both fail to understand that it's all in them and the veil is beyond them and they can only go as far as their power and consciousness avails them the opportunity The light rays of the veil carries secrets beyond the beings. Horace tries to understand the veils and its strength but the strength is Ra,the one they initially went out to unseat. The light rays of the purity of the realms. Zeus seems to be succeeding at a point, but he loses momentarily his steadfastness at the veil and the waters surges swallowing him as he tries to control not only his own frequency but that of the water surge to achieve balance but its an heculian task as every moment he seems to be making progress ends in futility.Zeus further challenges Horace to fight harder as he himself tries to fathom the secrets of the light rays of the veil in order to enable him open the gates to the battle field of supremacy.The efforts of his consciousness as a higher being rather than give him insight throws him into a state of complete void.Zeus is conscious that this may be equally part of the elements that control the realms so he decides to clear through his own consciousness the void and this causes lightning and thundering and from his own consciousness the elements form themselves into great giants and surrounds Zeus, he knows that this is from his own inner being from the void of darkness and should he want it to cease only he from his inner state can end it. The elements continue to merge and Horace watches but is also conscious of whats taking place. The vibration and frequencies of the elements in the realms Zeus puts in his consciousness in order to control them from there and break the jinx but can it be done? Horace at this point decides that only he will open the gate and not Zeus, so he counters Zeus will and consciousness thus spreads great light that affects all realms. He must not allow Zeus gain the upper hand with the elements as this will spell defeat for him. supremacy over all the elements in the realms, that's the key to opening the gates of the battle field of supremacy.He must be the one to control the elements as to do so is power and this is the field of power.

Ra unknown to the other beings is the sole controller of the battle field of supremacy thus his consciousness is what controls it and in fire has he placed the vibrations and frequencies that govern the realm and unless both Horace and Zeus take hold of this within their individual consciousness as beings and use this can they then penetrate the veil but its not just the veil they must conquere,they must equally open the gates and then face each other on a ground higher than both of them to prove their supremacy.Both are not having it easy to penetrate the veil but are equally not ready to concede to the other,for them time and space is irrelevant and non existent and so they both continue the struggle of understanding the secret of the veil.Horace summons all his strength and moves with all determination at success but this is a task greater than he as he to his amazement discovers that no matter how he tries to understand the veil,the more he tries,the less he knows as though the veil deprives him of the

knowledge,this causes him to request an audience with the master of wisdom but he must leave the grounds in order to achieve this and in that moment it is possible for Zeus to gain the upper hand and pierce the veil,no,he can not allow that and he is as a result unsettled the more.He must win this battle because he challenged Zeus.

Zeus can never be a match for him,he reasons but Horace consciousness is not as powerful as that of Zeus and this is a flaw for him.
 Find out in this epic story of the golden age. Who amongst these beings will win?'

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 3) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 3) Reviewed by julie sasha on January 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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