MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 4)


Horace major flaw is his inability to understand the might and power that Zeus wields against other celestial beings except for Ra as his consciousness as to things is very high though he is not all knowing,he is powerful and it is a flaw for him not to recogiise him in this manner and for this reason he undermines his abilities as against his.Horace unless with the consciousness of other beings can not conquere Zeus at the battle field of supremacy and its unlikely that he will get the support of the other celestial beings if he approaches them to join their strength with his in order for him to defeat Zeus as he is not an easy contender as such Horace stands on his own with none to give support to him
The two celestial beings are now not contending with each other but with the power behind the field of supremacy and they seem to be losing the battle as all other celestial beings stand aloaf from the battle because of the consequencies attached to lose of such a battle.This of course was put in place by no other than Ra to consolidate himself as the course and effect of all
.This inevitably gives him a upper hand in all things including the celestial beings themselves as the inherent knowledge of all is his alone but this knowledge the rest are devoid of,and they will never attain for the strength even Zeus possess though great is a drop in the ocean compared to that of Ra. They ought not to have challenged his supremacy in the first place.

This is to their detriment though they are unconscious of it for to challenge Ra in the first instance spells doom for them,the achitect of this whole scenerio is Ra.The celestial beings desire to usurp him is a child's play to him as he can gain access to their consciousness individually and collectively and manipulate them as he wills but Ra will rather amuse himself with their show of strength and power so he allows it fully conscious that they cant penetrate the veil unless he wills it so for either of them.

Ra is not interested in either of them winning but only in his supreme authority as the cause and effect of all things and will always play the game of supremacy with the celestial beings having the dillusion that it is possible if they unite their strength and power,they'll usurp him of his and then share control of all the realms amongst themselves.It is Ra's scheme at keeping them in constant search for supreme authority They are not conscious that this is Ra's device into their own consciousness thus to maintain himself as the master controller,the celestial beings are of the option that they have a measure of individual power that if harnessed together can outwit Ra at his own game but even this is as a result of their ignorance as to the truth state of things in all the celestial realms and beyond,none can outwit or outsmart Ra or is it possible to Put Ra out of total control and place him in momentary dillusion as he does to other celestial beings?Is there a higher state of consciousness than that of Ra thus is there a master much greater and higher beyond the celestial realms who is more greater and better than all the celestial beings including ultimate Ra.
He views himself to be the ultimate but is this the truth?Its possible,likely probabily that there's one beyond the celestial realms and beyond great Ra and if this is true why is the knowledge of this sublime being hidden not only to Ra but to all celestial beings and creatures in the lower realms of manifest.Ra could equally be in a state of dillusion as he believes other celestial beings are.Yes,indeed in the celestial realms his energies,velocity and frequencies are the highest but surely there must be one greater than he though many will refuse to believe it so,as the illusion of all things is put in place by him and thus there must certainly be a reality outside of him.He relishes all the attention given him as lord of all the universes but its an illusion and the truth must be unveiled but who will do so?

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 4) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 4) Reviewed by julie sasha on January 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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