Conversation With GOD ( Part 1 ) By Wiese,Christian

Conversation With GOD

"Every step of the way take risks in life.If you win,you can lead,if you loose,you can guide."(Swami Vivekananda) Do you remember the scene in the film 'Star Wars' if you have watched the film when young Luke Skywalker was asked to fend off the simulated laser beams blind folded? Thats what intuition is all about. It takes practice to get to that stage of mastery.It takes connectedness to the force(God) beyond the self and it certainly takes alot of guts standing up to the voice inside of the individual screaming that we are only fooling ourselves following our divine guidance,yet there is good news in all the confusion. We cant make mistakes with the guidance of the divine is that good news. Having this divine connection here and now is all we ever can ever aspire for, and also having missed a step along the way is a perfect learning experience and opportunity not to repeat it next time as these constitute lessons of life to make us not only stronger but more noble and responsible.

Spirit Or Self Love Or Fear. 
These are the choices that always present themselves. The spiritual master makes these choices instinctively while facing the occassional soul searching situation once in a blue moon. The spirit can always tell us mhat is of God in the world but we are sometimes fooled by our nature just like everyone else is. Our soul still signs up for a life lesson from time to time,and that's what the earth which is actually a school is all about and we are its students, placed on earth for a reason and purpose, and this we must make a conscious effort to know. If we already know why we are here in the first place? Then its time we rise to the purpose and actualise it. Being right all the time is overrated as it will cause or make us arrogant and that's certainly not the way soul teaches the path of the truth. The mistakes we make in life might be the very insight that brings the next spiritual break through in our life. The one on the spiritual path might make wrong decision here and now as our soul

still needs us to understand what our brothers\sisters struggles are all about on earth and through this learn endurance, patience, fore-bearance and compassion. There is sometimes no telling what is spiritually wrong and what is right as we face life's confusing choices.We might however as well charge ahead boldly.Our soul advances every step of the way. Every situation,object,interaction,word,feeling and memory is a symbol of sorts to bring us clearity as to the right direction for us to take,like a map showing us the way for soul to take and if we follow it and sort out the ones we need and those we don't,we will master with practice and consistency the ones that fre benefical to us and the ones that are not.

Do we espesieoae the world of spirit here and now, or is our limited self as human still telling up good sounding stories. We sometimes observe the self manufactured world and sometimes we see the world of spirit. Either way our soul will advance though as human at a slower pace than that of soul but advancement it will be for the individual.

The maturity of soul depends on the next choice one makes either with the connective force, invariably God and spirit or with self the outer world, gross material things and the mundane things of the world. The spirit educates the soul by using the symbol of life's confusing maya and patiently explains to us why our life experiences is exactly what our soul needs for growth,enlightenment and invariably development.Take risks in life.Lead when you are connected with the way of the truth and thereby guide others,should you have missed a step,just remain focus and be yourself for you are truly unique and special and therefore a great personality in your individuality as soul and a force to be reckon with and as you forge ahead with you connectivity with the force thus with the light and truth, you will shine forth as a beckon of light that can not be put out and since that light can not be out, others will through you come out of darkness and through your work with the light, the spirit will carry you home on the fastest route possible.

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