How To Be A Happy Person By Ekpo,Juliet.E.

How To Be A Happy Person 

Life is embedded in pain and suffering and many persons as a result of this believe that a child'ss first cry is as a result of this,that the baby as soul is conscious that its entering a realm of ,pain,and suffering and thus ask itself why must it return to such a realm.Medical practitioners on the other hand view it that there's something wrong hence seek every method possible for the baby to cry as a signal of its entrance into the realm of humanity and assurance of its well being.If its true that even babies are conscious as soul that the earth is not a realm of happiness,then there is need for the individual to know why this is so and the rudiments to turn it around.Some persons are however not in agreement with this assertion,and claim that this is not true of all persons on earth,but lets take a critical observation of the world and be sincere for once as earth dwellers and we will discover that that the earth from coast to coast is a realm devoid of joy or happiness and everywhere on earth

both the young and old of both genders are ladden with sorrows most of the time and even the rich who are of the believe that money can purchase happiness for them,most times have a share of unhappiness fall upon them from no where,no wonder the popular saying that,'life is not a bed of roses.'

It is therefore on this note that the importance on how to be a happy person can not be over emphasised and that all and sundry who seek to truly be happy and gain peace take a look on how to attain it for unlike many persons are apt to believe that its unattainable on earth,it is.It is therefore possible for the individual as well as the society at large to attain happiness thereby peace,but it must start with the individual.Take a critical overview of yourself as an individual if you sincerely desire to be a happy person and whether you are actually doing those things io life that draws happiness to you as not only a human being but as soul for in reality the happiness you seek as an individual can not be gotten from the mundane and gross material world as your mind will have you believe.Happiness or the state of having joy is a spiritual attribute,hence,it can only be drawn to you from the spiritual realm,if you therefore as an individual seek it from mundane things,you will only constantly be faced with

disappointments.Happiness can and will never be attained from the mundane so those who believe it possible through this way are living in illusion and their mind playing tricks on them.

It is from the spiritual realm that an individual can actualise joy but there are satis to follow in its actualisation.First the individual must leave the human state of consciousness and enter that of soul which is a higher state than that of human.The human state is limited and can not transcend beyond the earth to the spiritual realm wherein lies happines  but the soul in the human body can even while alive as many persons believe this is only possible when one dies first but this is far from the truth as the great sage Yeshua rightly told his disciples that 'the kingdom of God is within you.'He was referring to their becoming concious that that are more than flesh and blood as their mind and the society they dwell will have them believe.Within the human body lies the real you called soul,,if you gain consciousness as soul thus awaken,you can gain happiness if you follow the paths soul directs you on.This is the aim of this article,to bring to light the path to true happiness and how to attain it.

What Is The Purpose Of Life?                  
All humans and animals posses soul though unseen this is the source of life and its connected with the infinite thus its unending and unlimited but its been endosed in a human body as its still asleep, yes. All humans are asleep in the real sense of the word and that's why they've been sent on earth.The purpose of your being on earth is not as many think to get educated,struggle and make money to live comfortably, marry if it comes along, have a relationship and family, no. The purpose and reason for all humans being on earth is so that they can gain consciousness as soul thus know their identity.Until you awaken,you don't know who you are and you live in a world of illusion, for the earth is man's illusion thus everything you strive for on earth is insignificant unless you identify yourself and that's why when many are asked, "Please who are you?" They'll respond thus: "I am Mr A or Mrs D or Miss Z". But this is not true as they'll give you their different names

and ego may even push them to add designations and titles many atimes, l smile when l meet persons of like nature but equally respect their pace, space and comfort and play along, but l know that's the farcade, the mask, that the real person is there and even the individual does not as at yet know or recognise himself. Yes! Until, you know who you are as soul you can't attain happiness, all your striving is in vain and a waste of time. Who Are You? Therefore, first get to know yourself, your true self, your identity. How? Within you lies your soul,Yes! that's the real you, get to know the real you, your soul invariably and you'll discover alot of things about yourself and don't be afraid of what you find out about yourself, even about your part life. Let soul un fold you to you and embrace who you are.This you can do in silence, filtering away all noise and distraction from your mind and environment in meditatioo get to know what some call their higher self but in truth its their soul, and welcome who you are

even if you discover it to be horrible don't run away for you can't.It will still surface if not now in another life time. If you persist knowing your identity, the angels will be sent to give you a wake-up call and that's when some persons say they are seeing numbers.I usually call it upgrade,that's the angels are told as messengers to awaken your soul to consciousness. You will not be the same again as in that state you see through people, perceive persons, know alot about things including the falsehood and illusion you've lived with almost all your life, that includes family and friends and society at large wherein you thought happiness lies, from slumber, you are out of the comfort zone and reality hits you like a thunder storm. Some even become depressed. Why? They fight who they are and want to continue to slumber. That's not it, you must step not of the dillusion and falsehood into the Truth thus into life.

soul's journey is a life time one so take a step at a time.All the experience you have been going through were for this reason, the ones you'll still go through is to awaken you and bring you to enlightenment to your identity.You will know,be conscious,enlightened,gifted,talented,helps, and guides will be given to you and your journey through a tunnel takes you to light the infinite,the source of life itself.In the infinite is joy,happiness,peace profound love,humility,patience,ennoblement and as your soul unfolds and you embrace and dwell in whom you are,happiness like springs of living waters will flow in you,nothing can stop this unfolding but challenges as test will be placed before you to ascentain your will as soul or as human still but you are greater than human, more than flesh and blood, as human you are limited, as soul, you are unlimited. To how ever be linked with the infinite and therefore gain happiness,bliss,you must keep your soul pure always with positive thought patterns and radiate in love.

and light to all of life. Go within, for therein lies the answer to not only happiness but other things you seek. 

 Who are you?, 
 Is happiness possible?, 
How to gain peace and joy,
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