How To Become Wealthy By Ekpo,Juliet.E

How Can An Individual Attain Wealth.

Wealth is very significant to many though a few individual are of the believe that its not important, many are of the view that poverty is the greatest evil on the face of the earth as in many instance poverty leads to destruction and death.

Wealth includes money making and having other assets. Those persons who are apt to day dreaming are not able to be wealthy individuals. How can an individual attain wealth? Day dreaming about wealth is not the road to its actualisation. The truth remains that many persons can become millionaires but simply don't know how to achieve it. The first step to making millions is to move away from the laid down convention of society to your individual conviction for example many believe and are contented with the conventional mode of livelihood but the path to making millions is away from this as none makes millions through this means but through creativity thus the first step is to be creative and you are a step nearer to wealth. Creativity stems from your inner soul as an individual thus to achieve this you'll be using your God given talents not the schooled conventional educational system of the world thus you'll be leaving the earth's horizone into one beyond the earth to draw knowledge and actualise your dreams.

The purpose many persons on earth believe is that they are here to be wealthy,thus live in comfort, opulence and style and then in turn become employers of labour and comfort to others,this may not be far from the truth as many persons are not comfortable with the conventional ways of humanity and consequently they leave the comfort Zone and take a deep breath to actualise wealth not only to themselves as individuals but equally to others,they through this conviction are on the threrhold to wealth and greatness.

The next step is to be focus, purposeful, time conscious and alert not as a human being but as a higher being with greater sensibilities than those of the human consciousness and therefore, you will be someone giving to humanity what they are devoid of thus bringing into heing and existence what was not in existence and they lacked. This can only be drawn from the spiritual realm. It's only from hence that discoveries of unimagineable magnitude have reached the earth and there are more but how to focus and anchor such is the great task ahead.

Steps To Wealth Creation.

In focusing, the individual must be open to the vibration and frequencies not of those on earth but of those beyond the earth and galaxies. energies of discoveries of the things that many have not but need for his survival and comfort. With creativity, focus and alertness, the individual can be brought to manifestation of discoveries on earth. With these, the discovery of such can now be used for the benefit of the whole of humanity and a source of wealth and employment. This is true of even plants and flowers that abound on earth but where are the creators for only creators can make wealth. Do you want to become a millionaire then be a creator. The third step is to have a vision, the one who has a vision has a passion thus is on a quest to discovery. The quest is the treasure based where or even around you, tap into your quest and vision and turn it into reality. Thereby become one who brings to being, a creator with vision. One who lacks vision, lacks insight thus is blind.

Therefore, become an individual thats sees spiritually thus has insight, take a critical observation at the basic needs of humanity now lacking on earth and key into it. It may be a small one initially, once keyed into will become a large one needed by all and sundry globally.It may surface as an intuition, idea or perception, feed and nurse it from your mind set thus nuture it on the level ground of positivity to bring it to fruition, Never entertain any negativity of an inability to achieve success and stay away and aloof from those who dont share in or contribute positively to your vision and aspiration.

Do on mingle with individuals who discourage you but with those who share your vision and together with them be focused on positivity achieving your desired goal.The intuition within you will likely urge you on to something from beyond the earth and in this urge your millions as the intuition knows what real and what's unreal.In this urge linger and feed and gain more insight into what your spirit wants to be brought into reality as you(man) is the anchorage into what's real.All the discoveries that have been made have been drawn down to the earth from beyond this realms of human endeavours and what man enjoys today in terms of technology exist beyond the earth and have been brought here from the spiritual realm of manifest.This discoveries would not have been made possible if souls here were not ready for such to manifest.The manifestation of this things came about because of such souls but equally granted them wealth in the process.This is equally possible with other discoveries yet to be achieved on earth.

Gateway To Wealth And Treasures.

Beyond the earth lies the treasure base of technology but how to bring them into manifestation is the problem of humanity as souls are unable to anchor into the spiritual realm to make it possible.This is because there's a formular and procedure for such to actualise.Discovery is the channel to wealth and making millions, therefore, become a discoverer of any need of man whether physical, psycological or otherwise and you are on your way to millions and becoming wealthy.When you have discovered inputs into the social needs of man,you gain.How to be wealth can be attained through resilence,time consciouness,focus and alertness.Use it as a source of creativity for the use of the larger society. Initially,challenges will rear its head,face the challenges and do not cow away from them but use them as a stepping stone to actualising the desired goals of succees and put the discovery into society for use through this you'll not only bring something of benefit to humanity but equally grant many a source of income

and also gain greatly. Sustainability, the individual as a single entity may not be able to sustain the discovery and maintain  for the greater benefit of the larger society hence the need to bring in partners of like mind into play for sustainability to be achieved and equally for continuity to be actualised as just like the human body functions with the workings of various parts so also the discovery can only function with the inputs of various individuals who share the same goal and aspiration in life with you. The initial goal may not even be to create wealth but the wealth will eventually tricked in, in time as the demand for the discovery mounts until society can't do without it and it becomes an intrinsent part of the society and boom you are on the way to millions.How to be wealthy is possible with all persons who are equally ready to tap in on their God given talents and inner gifts thus find out what your talent or gifts is and use as a source of wealth and achievement.
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The path to wealth creation,              
How to have a vision and actualise it,
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