MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 10)

Episode 10 We Are Not Alone  By Ekpo,Juliet.E

Humanity wallows in ignorance as to the presence of both Isiris from the celestial worlds and Lucifera,lord and master of the underworld and their mission of an alliance with mortals to gain control and power over all the realms and unseat great Ra of his supremacy over the celestial realms as they are of the believe that only with the support of mortals can this be achieved but great Ra is already aware of their alliance and plot and is unperturbed and resilent.

Isiris or Wayne as mortals call him has arrived the earth alone but Lucifera called Lucius has come with legions like himself to take over the hearts of men and exact evil of the highest level from the underworld.

Wayne is not conscious of Lucius plot with his multitude of legions to play him out of the game of mastery in time and then with the billions of mortal humans at their commend and mercy they have agreed to take the fight to the celestial realms to fight not only great Ra but all celestial beings unless they be willing to serve Lucifera and enthrone not only as the lord of the underworld but that of the earth and celestial realms.He intends to rule both man and gods of men even great Ra.

All legions from the underworld are on alert as many are already born in many countries of the earth awaiting their lord,they will serve him even unto their physical death as mortal for in service to him,he will elevate them in the underworld and even on earth will give them position of respect and wealth but their souls will be his food for eternity and they will always be under his tutulege in the art of evil and crafiness,commanding humans and other lower elements for him.They are to conscript many humans with all might and the more they bring,the more favoured they'll be in his sight.

Upon his birth as Lucius,many are aware as the gates of the underworld announces that their lord has enter the world of mortals to conquere and feed on spirits,they too will benefit greatly as they will also feed with him.The royal household of Britaina is however oblivious of who the heir to the throne is as even king Edward does not in the real sense of the world that his beloved son is the lord of the underworld come to life among men but something strange will stare the king to seek to know his son and not only will fear grip him but it will grip the whole land as even when he finds out,destruction of the young lad is out of the question for he must be allowed to live the king is told else,he will unleash terror beyond humanity on earth.

The king does not initially believe the lads nurse who in confidence told him her discovery in the midst of the night while asleep in the same room with him.She narrates her ordeal with great fear and resolve of the veracity of her ordeals not only with the young prince but many other devils.She begs to be relieved of her duty as the experiences is causing her insanity and discomfort and tells the king to visit Agalwa,where the great mediums reside to find out the truth about the prince,this she tells him without mentioning that she had taken the journey there herself least she endangers her live for visiting mediuns as such visits are done in secrecy since its unlawful in Britaina to visit mediums for whatever reasons even the mediums guard their identity.

King Edward had decided to listen to the maiden even when his beloved queen told him to discard many of the ill report he was gething about their son even from the tutors who came to the palace to educate him.She concludes that they are envious of the boy and the love they both shower on him,always reminding of the fact that he is his heir and so must protect him from those who hate him but he as king must indeed protect his son but must know the truth and equally protect his subjects.Every instance he'd ask his son to speak the truth over a situation involving him,his response always is:'you are king,you ought to know and not ask me,afterall,you say l am just a boy and even if l tell you,will you believe me.'On such instance,the queen will immediately cut in thus:'indeed the king knows the truth that the prince did nothing of the sort.'

I am king Edward he resolves within himself and I must not allow my judgement to be clouded by emotions and so l must find out the truth about my son and then know what to do whether to wave it off or to protect him as my heir and the next king to Britaina.Little did the king know that the journey to Algawa will be an eye opener even about secrets concerning the queen and his beloved daughter.The journey is to give him insights and he'll discover that the royal family is not what he thinks or believes it to be and if only he'd known he would have stayed back as the journey unfolds hidden secrets beyond the shores of Britaina. What will king Edward discover about the royal.       
ls the queen from the underworld?

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 10) MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 10) Reviewed by julie sasha on February 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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