MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 11)

Episode 11 The Encounter Between Light And Darkness

Hera in silence and purity has been observing all that is taking place in all realms beneath hers including that of mortals and the underworlds.The alliance between Isiris and Lucifera is of great interest to her as she's truly conscious that Lucifera as a master at deceit and not true not even to those who are loyal to him but mortals she also knows cant withstand the powers that he and Isiris have and together they'll unleash terror on humanity.She will send carriers of light amongst man from her realms and beyond but hide their identity in a radiance to fight on the side of mortals as these beings though immortals must now become mortals in the midst of man.

First she must seek to ask them and as many as be willing will now be sent among mortals.This they must do to protect all realms above that of mortals as to allow Isiris and Lucifera succeed is to endanger other realms.They are fighting to protect their very existence and realms as higher beings.She will envelop them in her radiance thus protect them from being contamimated either by mortals or the lesser beings who seek supremacy and power.

This Hera did fully equally conscious of the consequencies should any of the light carriers fall to the dark side.The impact for being in her realms and above could equally be devastating even for her as such will pose great danger to all of them,but this will she equally have to address should such happen and again her light carriers whether male or female must not fall in love with mortals or those in the lower regions including the lesser gods.The fate of her realms and those above hers she puts into the hands of this ones and to ensure success and absolute loyalty,she will have to tamper with their will and consciousness as to leave them to solely theirs could spell doom for her and others and Hera can not take such chances not with the realm of purity and light.

The thousands of light carriers she sends will have to fight the billions of dark souls including mortals and she's conscious it wont be easy as realm beneath hers are enveloped in darkness and the light carriers are mainly familiar with light and purity hence they must first conquere the darkness they'll enter as mortals to maintain their light and purity.Hera decides to send hundreds of guides and aids,masters in their own right to the earth,they are enlightened beings who are more knowledgeable and sensitive than others from her realm.In her request to those beings who decide to take on the journey to earth,Hera warns them of the danger of the task but equally informs them of the importance.Thousands volunteer for the task including Pituras,most noble custodian of knowledge and wisdom.He's a master noble being in their midst,uutaught by any being he anchors wisdom within the realms and those realms above theirs and has never left the realm of light and purity.Hera disagrees for him to leave but he insists

and she gives in to his request as she is equally conscious of the fact that with him amongst them,there's a better chance of success for them and so thousands of light carriers are sent on earth to combat the league of Isiris and Lucifera with their mortal allies.

This is surely to be the clash of the titans as this two equally gain knowledge that light carriers are on earth to combat them but are oblivious of Pituras presence on earth and this is to the advantage of the light carriers as he alone can give great insight on how the battle can be won.Isiris has quickly gain ground on earth,while Lucifera after strange occurance with his father and the challenge on King Edward upon his death mounts the throne of Britaina with Bellarose his queen and one of those he came with from the underworld to achieve his aim.He has gotten more earthmen in the short period as his queen and advicer goes all way out to see to it that all of Britaina are loyal to the young king else such is sent to an early grave.None dares challenge King Lucius or the queen and many run from their homeland when the queen enacts a law that Lucius be worshiped by all of worshipped in Britaina.

Many of the light carriers were born in Britaina and others in other countries incuding Amcasian and Agalwa.Hera made sure they were spread across the earth and kept close tap on them and their families and progress to ensure their protection among mortals.

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