MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 12)

Mbala:Goddess Of The Sun By Ekpo,Juliet.E

Episode 12 The Ways Of Light Carriers.

The tasks ahead of those that Hera had decided to send amongst men is not without its challenges even with her supervision as they equally have a way of life and none must deviate from this path.Hera must make sure of this as to allow any of them in the path of darkness will affect not only hesself and her realm but equally luminous realms above there's where the great one sits and the very source of all life and existence itself.Mbala is enthroned beyond her own realm as the great custodian of the Holy flame and many beneath her realm are oblivious of her existence but she is the guardian  of the Holy flame and sits enthrone as such for eternity.Indeed,she takes the female nature in line with who she is for all of life gain their source,existence and being from her.Not created,she brings forth and remains ever pure,good,wisdom and knowledge from her shores comes forth yet unknown by realms beneath that of Hera as none can enter her realm except that one is one not only with her but with the infinite one.

Those that Hera sent on earth are not only linked with herself but with Mbala:goddess of the sun and the infinite one,they are known in the luminious realms and beyond as her children yet Mbala conceived none in the earthly way of conception but all are hers.Mbala:goddess of the sun knows all and nothing is beyond her consciousness, no, even the lessers gods cant supercede her and even if all the realms combine their forces, Mbala:goddess of the sun will conquere and destroy them all hence Mbala:goddess of the sun seeks not to conquere but to love because should she embark on that task all that fights her must go the way of destruction and so life and love together with life does she give to all but she equally carries within her consciousness energies that is capable of destroying.Mbala:goddess of the sun however has never used that energy as though she remains,

should at any point of existence she see the need to use it then the very existence of the lessers gods including Zeus and Horace will cease.Hera in her realm will absorb the energies to save hers but will allow it destroy those beneath hers and thus those realms will cease.No,Mbala:goddess of the sun must move in her purity and light rays to EL above her as HE alone can do that,her radiance as she moves stills all and in silences all realms are affect by her very movement as she moves towards EL llie ebbs from those beneath her and Hera is conscious of this and tries to balance her realm with her pure energies,she succeeds but what of the light carries she sent among mankind to protect her realms and others beyond hers.In her balance she reaches not to Mbala:goddess of the sun concerning them,her radiance and movement together with her balance will not allow life to be ebbed from them but this she can only accomplish for light carriers,others will have to face it and Hera is conscious that its the lower

realms that will be most affected and man and beast and plants shall have life flow out of them.She on her part protects hers and can not stop Mbala:goddess of sun from entering into EL as this is the purpose of her movement and as a result all beneath sway to and fro for thats the magnitude of power she wield though unknown,beneath Hera's realm a great contention asails as even great RA and others sway to and fro and silence pervades all of them as such has never taken place before thus causing them to forgo the challenge and go before RA but even he in all is conscious has no answer to give as the energies come from beyond theirs thus they all sway untill RA tells them that they must join all their energies to balance else they will be consumed in the higher one and they agree,the challenge forgotten they stand united with RA but sway to and fro they still were and their realm roared with light as they did this.

The lower realms of the celestial beings are those to be nor  affected especially that of man as her movement not only affects man and beast but equally the firmaments. 

Hera thus decides to envelop all light carriers on the planes of human existence in her radiance of purity even as she absorbs that of Mbala:goddess of the sun,as a result of this many of them become conscious that all is not well in their home thus recognition of one another as they as a result of this seek out one another and whether young or old,male or female they transverse different lands to a particular one to the master of wisdom Pitirus.The journey for many is a relief as though with humans,they are conscious of their call and tasks and that their home have they come on earth to protect and though this is not a pre arranged gather from home,they must go to where he dwells on earth with others and coincedentally he dwells no where else than where Lucifera,lord of the underworld in the person of King Lucius rules,Britainta.

MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 12)   MBALA:GODDESS OF THE SUN By Ekpo,Juliet.E (Episode 12) Reviewed by julie sasha on February 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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