No More Self Doubt By Ekpo,Juliet.E

Friends may have one time or the other told you that what you've set out to achieve or realise as an individual is unattainable.Therefore,that what you strive for in life isn't workable.Have you ever sat back to consider their words and the veracity of their words or if their words are valid or not.

No More Self Doubt By Ekpo,Juliet.E

Self doubt can destroy the confidence of an individual thus draw the person back from self actualisation and success,it is a path to destroy the persons personality in the achievement of goals,ambitions,visions and dreams and therefore should be done away with immediately.It can asail one as an individual and is one of the root cause of failure in any human endeavour in the life of an individual.Self doubt is lack of self confidence in ones abilities and capabilities at success or achievement whether in a relationship or in a career or even in business ventures.It is a trait  that ought to be nibbed in the bud because of its dangers not only to the individual but to the society at large.

The cause of self doubt in an individual can emanate from internal and external forces.The internal agent is family and close relatives,while the external forces or agent include friends,peer group,neighbours,the community,environment,collegues,guardian,teachers,lecturers and the larger society.Experience can equally give rise to self doubt but this ought not to be so as the experiences are geared to strengthen an individual and not to weaken the individual but some persons have through life experience rather than gain strength and learn the lessons therein have rather had self doubt and thus sought a way out thus some of the experience sometimes have caused some to commit suicide.

Bullying especially when experienced at a tender age either from parents or others is to be discouraged as it creates self doubt in the victim.This is something that goes on in many schools globally especially the high schools and should be discourage forthwith as those who bully others have a psycological problem and are in most cases victims of abuse thus they seek to vent the anger of such abuse on other individuals who have in truth done nothing to them.Domestic violence is equally one of the root cause of self doubt but any victim of any of these cause should from a tender age in the home taught and made to have self confidence in his abilities and capabilities.

Parents at every instance especially should always encourage their children and wards  in ennobling activities and discourage them from the inglorious ones from an early age.They should equally imbibe from the home the culture of  standing  and speaking up for themselves and refuse to be victimised thus encourage them to be truthful,resourceful and courageous thus brave in their conviction on ennobling things in the society thus the children will have self worth and confidence.The individual is encouraged from a tender age to cultivate the habit of self worth and confidence and no matter what parents,guardians,friends or society throws at you in order to not see or be conscious of your worth and ability to be successful,you will be able to push it away from your consciousness and stay stable and focused in your dreams and aspirations in life.Equally,should friends look down on you as worthless because of life's challenges,you as an individual with your consciousness know your worth hence none can intimidate

No More Self Doubt By Ekpo,Juliet.E

you as you are already conscious of your worth and confident in yourself and as a result you'll raise your head high and tell the whole world that you are worth more than all the treasures in existence.Why? Because you are more than flesh and blood and that you have many great talents that the world needs embedded  in you as an individual hence none can marginalise or victimise you in any way.You dont need to prove your worth to any person but to yourself as the motive of all persons who discourage you is to bring down your self esteem.Love yourself as you are special and unique in your own right.Never succumb to do inglorious things as this will only feed your ego and birng you no benefit in the actual sense and destruction in the long run.

Selfishness is the stock in trade in the world and the affairs of men but you are herein encouraged to forge ahead in confidence not self doubt therefore put away self doubt and hence no more self doubt and focus on any noble goal you seek to achieve and strive without any iota of doubt at success and you will succeed never give up on yourself and your aspirations in life.The stumbling blocks that you'll encountered in words and actions of discouragement use as a ladder or stepping stone to greatness and dont look back.Overcome the boundaries of hatred and envy thus jealousy with love,patience,and perseverance with humility not arrogance for you to have wisdom and knowledge and through this gain success.Therefore,no more self doubt for there is nothing you can achieve with determination and hard work.

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